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Over the past 80 years a variety of electronic therapeutic devices have been developed that utilize the phenomena of resonance in the treatment of diseases. The first of these was the Oscilloclast, developed by Albert Abrams MD, about 1920. Over 2000 of these machines were produced and were found to be quite effective against a variety of complaints.

The Oscilloclast was basically a very weak transmitter utilizing a two tube transistor circuit and a small Tesla coil. This combination produced a pulsed waveform that looked much like a single nerve impulse. A nerve impulse roughly resembles a single square wave when viewed upon an oscilloscope.

The Oscilloclast was placed close to the patient's body and would couple to the patient through the process of induction. The broadcast frequency of the unit was varied slightly to treat different physical complaints, the pulse rate of about 90 cycles per minute being kept static.

Shortly, after 1920, the Multiple Wave Oscillator (MWO) was developed by Georges Lakhovsky in France and operated on the principle of an object's resonance to very wide bandwidth unmodulated radio wave. Using a Tesla Coil or similar wide band radio wave radio transmitter, Lakhovsky would place a patient between two wide band multi-circular antennas, allowing the patient's body to be exposed to the radio wave passing between the antennas.

The theory was that disease was a state of nonresonance within the body and in the Multiple Wave field, this diseased area would come back to its proper resonant frequency. This device worked fairly well and books on constructing a working device are available. Later versions of the MWO utilized special tubes developed and patented by Lakhovsky that acted as wide band antennas.
Bare-Rife Device
The Rife/Bare Device
One of the most unique attributes of the R/B device is that it can easily be used on whole groups of people simultaneously. The active field extends outwards about 60 feet from most devices. Anything within that field will be affected by the device.

The third device developed in the mid-1920s came from the fertile mind of Dr. Royal R. Rife. Dr. Rife developed a device that I believe started as an electrical analog of the Oscillocast and then was developed into something entirely unique. Instead of pulsing an unmodulated radio wave, Dr. Rife placed a square wave (remember it is like a nerve impulse) on the radio wave and in some manner unknown to me discovered that a gas plasma will somehow effectively couple the radio wave and its modulated audio wave to a patient's body. Dr. Rife, utilizing the known concept that nerve impulses occur at different rates apparently tried changing the rate or shall I say frequency of the square waves.

A little over three years ago, in January of 1996, public disclosure was made of what has come to be known as the Rife/Bare (R/B) device. Only two devices existed in that January of 1996, both of which were the inventor's. Today, the number of R/B devices in existence world wide are estimated at between 3,500 and 6,000.

Growth has been so dramatic, that a small but growing world wide industry has been created to supply parts for the device. Parts are now being manufactured in the Ukraine, Canada, the United States, Korea, and Thailand to name a few. Custom developed components including computer plug in cards with software, frequency generators, impedance tuners designed specifically for plasma tubes, and plasma tubes of manufactured from all types of glass are currently available. The tubes from the Ukraine are actually custom engineered to run on Radio Frequency energy and not electricity.

There are now device manufacturers with established distributorships in several countries including; England, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. Similarities can be easily be drawn to the beginning of the commercial marketing of lasers and computers. This small industry is currently a multimillion dollar enterprise that continues to expand. No one individual is currently making much money from it. It is the combined sales of the parts and devices that add up to such amazing numbers.

The great majority of R/B machines are hand constructed by individuals. Extensive technical knowledge is not necessary to construct a device. Just some basic hand skills are adequate. All parts of the device are essentially off the shelf and plug together with a minimum of modification.

The R/B device is not a toy and should be treated with caution. Currently, power levels are kept to under 250 watts maximum which is an acceptably safe level of operation. One of the best things about the R/B device is that there are no secrets to it's operation and construction. Hard won improvements and protocols are passed on so that all may benefit. An active international web presence for the R/B device is in existence with many contributors to it's overall use.

Dr. James Bare, inventor of the now US patent granted Rife/Bare instrument will demonstrate the device, and show video tape of the device destroying various micro organisms through the process of resonance at the Seattle Exotic Research Conference. No direct contact is necessary with the device to produce these effects. The field of the device Dr. Bare will demonstrate extends in excess of 100 feet... and anything within the field will be affected. Dr. Bare will discuss current usage of the device, which you can build for yourself. Seattle has a unique significance for R/B devices, for there are over 100 of these devices in and about the Seattle area. It is hoped that some of the users of the 100 plus R/B devices in the Seattle area will be in attendance at the conference.

Here's a great chance to learn more about a suppressed technology the AMA and the FDA does NOT want you to know about! Conference attendees should be able to hear some first hand reports of the use of the device.

See this demonstration and taste the fruit of FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE!

Order your copy of this conference videotape!!!

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600202, James Bare, DC - Resonance Freq Therapy... (VHS) Retail Price: 29.95
600202, James Bare, DC - Resonance Freq Therapy... (VHS) Member Price: 26.95

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