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2004 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference
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ExtraOrdinary Technology
Conference Collection


Get all 20 videos (listed below) of the 2004 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference... priceless information!

600540: Conf Set (DVD)- $299.95!*


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Collection Includes...

Larry Oja
... Electrolytic Oxyhydrogen
Glen Gordon, MD
Exploring Limits of PEM Healing
Bruce Forrester, Jr
Building Multiple Wave Oscillator
Tony Cocilovo
Photon Stimulator
Konstantin Meyl
Neutrino Power/Scalar Waves...
Thomas Valone, PhD
ZPE Extraction from QV...
Kiril Chukanov
Quantum Technologies
Bruce Perreault
Nu Energy Power Technologies
Alan Francoeur
PerMag Motors & Vapor Systems
Sonne Ward
Implosion Technology...
Moray King
Pulsed Plasma Anomolies
Robert Patterson
Vortex Mechanics ...
John Balfour
Community w/o Elelctric Bills
Dale Pond
The Keely Legacy: SVP
Dan Davidson
Shape Power ... Resonance
Hal Fox
Magnets and Space Energy

FootNote Speakers
Paul Pantone
GEET...Where We Are Today!
Vladimar Ginzburg
Relativistic Torus and Helix...
Thorsten Ludwig
German Space Power Comm...
Jan Marwan
Effect of Surface Species...

Mark YOUR Calendar!...

ExtraOrdinary Technology
2008 Conference

July 31-August 3, 2008
Salt Lake City, UT

Details to be announced later.
Papers due NLT November 30, 2007!

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600521 Larry Oja - Common Duct Electrolytic Oxyhydrogen/“Brown’s Gas” (DVD)
600522 Glen A. Gordon, MD - Exploring Limits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Healing (DVD)
600523 Bruce Forrester Jr. - Building Multiple Wave Oscillators (DVD)
600524 Tony Cocilovo - The Photon Stimulator (DVD)
600525 Konstantin Meyl - Neutrino Power and the Existence of Scalar Waves (DVD)
600526 Thomas Valone, PhD - Zero-point Energy Extraction from Quantum Vacuum (DVD)
600527 Dr. Kiril Chukanov - Quantum Technologies (DVD)
600528 Bruce Perreault - Nu Energy Power Technologies (DVD)
600529 Alan Francoeur - PerMag Motors & Vapor Systems (DVD)
600530 Sonne Ward - Implosion Technology... Past, Present and Future (DVD)
600531 Moray King - Pulsed Plasma Anomolies (DVD)
600532: (DVD) Robert Patterson - Vortex Mechanics, Free Energy & Ram Implosion Wing
600533 John Balfour - A Community Without Electric Bills (DVD)
600532 Dale Pond - The Keely Legacy: Sympathetic Vibratory Physics (DVD)
600535 Dan Davidson - Shape Power As Universal Resonance (DVD)
600536 Hal Fox - Magnets and Space Energy (DVD)

ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference Footnotes
These are unscheduled, unannounced presentations. As susch, there are no abstracts available for them.
600537:  Paul Pantone - GEET Where We Are Today! (DVD)
600538:  Vladimar Ginzburg - Relativistic Torus and Helix as Prime Centers of Energy (DVD)
600539:  Thorsten Ludwig - German Space Power Comm&Latest European Technology (DVD)
600542:  Jan Marwan - The Effect of Surface Species on the Rate of 'H' Sorption (DVD)
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