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Warren York
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Originally published: ExtraOrdinary Science (Volume 1, Issue 4; Oct/Nov/Dec 1989)
WARNING: Do not attempt electrical construction on any of the equipment, coils or devices described here unless you are fully qualified. In some cases LETHAL voltages and charges are required. Also be advised that improper use, application and physical methods may cause psychological tramuma or permanent physical and neurological damage when near the vicinity of such equipment. This information is being provided as a point of interest to our readers... the publisher and author disclaim any responsibility in the use or misuse of this information.

All of this talk so far on scalar waves and scalar technology has no purpose in the scientific community until something can be detected, observed and duplicated. The original seedlings and thoughts which led to Lt. Col. Bearden's scalar theories were developed out of observation. If not by Lt. Col. Bearden himself, then by others from many noncorrelated paths.

I already have given a small sample list of such observers from Nikola Tesla to the latest, Moray King. I have just read a newly released book by Moray entitled Tapping the Zero Point Energy. I also recommend highly for others interested in scalar technology to obtain copies of Bearden's works and books from the new release of Excalibur Briefings to AIDS--Biological Warfare. The two books and papers will fill in the much needed base work on understanding scalar technology and can be obtained through the High Energy Catalog.

I also understand that a new book is in the making which is a rebuttal entitled something along the lines of Anti-Scalar. All of this is healthy in any development process, for without pros and cons, the sorting of correct data to trash data cannot be accomplished. On the other hand, I would like to point out that any conclusions should be supported by actual tests and not just by armchair theory.

Anybody can debate from the armchair but to have any meaning to back up their statements, one must present tests where one gets his or her hands dirty. That is to say that until I had reactions and observed actual phenomena occurring, all the theories were no more than that--just theories. This is what I hope to accomplish here with these articles on scalar technology. I feel this is a true new technology and deserves some serious consideration.

If I had not gotten my hands dirty and followed through on others' experiments from other observers then I would never have been convinced that something extraordinary was taking place. Even though my senses told me I was wasting my time I set out on the monotonous task of duplicating others's work and notes of observation. This is what I hope some of you will do and start to help unfold and unleash this hidden knowledge called scalar -- zero point energy -- stress energy and even radionics. Itis true indeed that it has many names over the years, but now we can at least have hope of defining its true limits and abilities.

The detection methods I will present here are not confirmed by myself or corresponding researchers as of yet due to development is still in progress. In one method I can only accept the word of the researcher as to his results. Until I or others duplicate results it remains a possible process and approach in detection.

My own detection came in the form of two experiments which were reproductions of another author's work based on this technology. When I had reproducible results I knew there was more to scalar than just theory. The process is now underway in developing a reliable instrument or means of detection that others can use. Up to this point most of scalar observations have been uncertain and always with the person or operator being part of the circuit. Nobody could remove the person at this point to bring scalar under true observation conditions. Due to a simple observation in Mr. George Meek's work in electro-voice phenomena (EVP), where my first breakthrough was established, this now seems a possibility. The personal element was still included in the circuit but unlike radionics or Hieronymus devices, could be reproduced by anybody once special conditions were met. A co-researcher has hit upon a method which was initially observed by Nikola Tesla and shows promise of another breakthrough in removing the personal element.

I will now discuss my initial breakthrough to scalar detection which will help you follow my thinking on what is needed and just what we are looking for in scalar detection. Scalar properties are the dictating key elements in this approach. I will then describe a possible detection method of another researcher and finally what I feel will be a unique approach with an instrument currently under construction by Mr. Russell Clift, a co-researcher/inventor, and myself. Do not feel you have to adhere to these techniques for they are only a guideline and starting point to spring from in your own approach to this subject. They are not established yet and will most likely be altered many times before their completion.

Figure 1
Figure 1. System Layout for FM-TFD [Mode 1]
Click on diagram for enlarged diagram.
As in all unknowns there are always unforeseen dangers involved and one should always use extreme caution and behave professionally in all approaches with any experimenting. Madame Curi and the XRay research is a good example. They paid dearly for their progress in X-Ray development with their lives. Scalar and its properties can be just as deadly as it is fascinating. I hope you read the seriousness in my tone for no matter how science fictionish scalar may sound to you now, I assure you the reality of actuallity can end up staring you in the face.

Breakthrough Event
Several years ago a Mr. George Meek presented me with construction planes and notes to a device he called Mark V. [Figure 1] Mr. Meek had been researching a phenomenon better known as EVP, or electro-voice phenomena. [Figure 2]

Figure 2
Figure 2. Construction Techniques for FM TFD & Hoop Antenna
Click on diagram for enlarged figure.
I would like to take a second here and answer a letter from one of Extraordinary Science's subscribers printed in our last issue. Mr. Jeff King from New Zealand had written to the effect if perhaps I could cover what relationship scalar technology has in reference to EVP. [Figure 3] Well here it is, for this was the first reproducible effect dealing with scalar energy [interference pattems] [Figure 4] that I could verify really took place. My second breakthrough was also in the EVP area but I will not be able to go into it at this time due to available space to cover what must be covered now.

In short, Mr. Meek claimed to have a fantastic breakthrough of his own in the communications field of EVP. His claims were a recorded two-way conversation with another dimension. ZAP! Right here one would stop and feel that Mr. Meek and his researchers needed psychological help as I am sure some of you feel about me at this point. I contacted Mr. Meek and he flew down to El Paso so we could talk in person. He brought me two audio tapes of which one surely did have what appeared two-way communication in real time.

Up to this point all EVP claims were after the fact type of events. That is, the voices always appeared on blank tape after the operator had run the tape recorder for a period of time. No audible sounds were heard during the initial recording, only after playback of the tape--sort of the same thing being done now with channeling, but the person is still part of the circuit. Not all voices were understandable or clear enough to be real voice prints or just random white noise perhaps forming what almost sounds like words. In other cases, the words and even statements were definitely clear and of intelligent source. Well, Mr. Meek's tape went way beyond this to a two-way real time conversation.

Figure 3
Figure 3. Mode 2 Communications Setup.
Click on diagram for enlarged diagram.
Fascinated by these claims I wanted to know more on how such a process worked. This is where he presented me with the second tape. It consisted of thirteen mixed electronic tones. No, there is no magical number in why thirteen tones were used only that they were needed to create interference patterns. These tones with an acoustical feedback and RF transmission with a Smith coil produced a unique interference pattern [scalar-RF and acoustical stress field].

I followed the notes and set out to reproduce this fantastic claim. At one point in the notes was one observation statement:
    The system seems capable of feeding back changes in emotional states.

Figure 4
Figure 4. Mode 2 Communications Interference Pattern.
Click on diagram for enlarged diagram.
I stopped there and to my amazement found the observation to be true. I was able to control an avalanche effect in a balanced tone of a set of acoustical and RF frequencies with only my own concentration -- no doppler effect or movement or contacts to my body in any way. I taped this effect and it is available to those who wish to observe the level of control of an electrical circuit with shear stress energy from a human.

This observation is equal to Nikola Tesla's observation of his plasma globe and tensing a fist. He found the plasma trail would rotate in relation with the tension or muscle pressure produced. I will cover this process in a moment for the plasma approach in construction a scalar indicator seems to be ideal due to its extreme sensitivity that up until now has been the human or personal element.

Figure 5
Figure 5. Bedini Version of Dea/Faretto Detector.
Click on diagram for enlarged diagram.

Bedini Version ----
   Dea/Faretto Scalar Detector
In this version of an electromagnetic scalar detector you will see that a coil is suspended in a magnetic field within a shielded case. [Figure 5] It is not indicated but I am sure the coil should be wound as a scalar coil. See "Construction of a Scalar Coil," ExtraOrdinary Science, Vol.l, Issue 3, page 16. The shielding is so all that known EMF fields will be run to ground and not affect the sensor within the case. As you know, one of the properties of scalar energy is that it cannot be shielded. All known EMF will be stopped from entering the case except gravity fields and scalar energy.

Figure 6
Figure 6. Plasma Scalar Detector.
Click on diagram for enlarged diagram.

Figure 7
Figure 7. Power Supply

Figure 8
Figure 8. Voltage Multiplier.
I am not saying that gravity fields or scalar fields are EMF, but only that the formula to each have a basic root in the EMF part of the spectrum. A generated scalar pulse or field will cut past the case shielding and affect the atoms of the scalar coil within the magnetic field which in tum will be coupled to the op amp. Any change or effect will then be displayed on the scope indicating a pulse or field of some kind has gotten past the system's shielding and to the sensor. You should see a change in the display around 6AM when the sun comes up and there is a slight gravity shift. [1,2]

Plasma Scalar Detector
This is the method which is under construction by Russell Clift and myself. At the time of this printing the construction is not far enough to give any details or results as to this approach. [See Figure 6] This is based on the same construction of Nikola Tesla's experiment.[3] Figure 7 is for experiments with various voltages and ion currents. Figure 8 is a simple multiplier for the AC supply shown in Figure 6.

I know I have just touched upon this subject so far but I hope I have given some of you starting points in your own research and findings. I will welcome any and all papers or works you may do in the scalar field and submit your work for publication here for others to read and gain from. Will be looking forward to your replies in the new year. Thank you for your interest.___WRY

  1. Michael Polonyi, "Electrodynamics, Inertia and Gravitation: A Unifying Approach," Speculations in Science and Technology, Vol. 10, No. 2, page 145, 1987.

  2. Gregory Hodowanec, "Gravitational Impulses," Electronics Experimenters Handbook, January 1989, page 114.

  3. Thomas Cummerford Martin, Inventions. Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla, page 226 to page 228.

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