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January 2003
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February Recommendations

Recommended Reading
210001: Prodigal Genius: The Life of Nikola Tesla - 16.95*
210006: Dr. Nikola Tesla: The Complete Patents - 40.00*
210002: Colorado Springs Notes (1899-1900) - 44.00*
210004: Inventions, Researches & Writings of Tesla - 18.95*
210007: Experiments with Alt Currents of High Pot/High Freq - 9.95*
220037: Secrets of Cold War Technology (GBC) - 295.95*
370001: Declassified Patents of the Cold War and SDI (GBC) - 65.00*
220038: Lost Science (GBC) - 29.95*
370002: Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Handbook (GBC) - 29.95*
480002: Harnessing Cosmic Energy (GBC)- 29.95*
220036: The Tesla Papers - 16.95*

Recommended For Computer Research
480001: Nikola Tesla CD-ROM Patent Collection (CDROM)- 34.95*

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You are at the RIGHT place!
Unlike other folks who just want to grab your money and run, we have a deep rooted desire to see Tesla's dream of unlimited amounts of energy fulfilled... as well as make the world a healthier place to live. That means we are interested in helping you achieve results... and some of us are quite knowledgeable when it comes to alternative technology.

If you have a technical question, send it in writing if at all possible. It may be used as the basis for a story in an upcoming issue of ExtraOrdinary Technology, or possibly answered as a "Letter to the Editor". Our editor has been active in the alternative energy field since 1984! But that doesn't mean he knows everything... and he learns a lot from people like you!

Take your time and browse through our website... it is our window to the world! We will be spending a lot of time doing webwork over the next few weeks. We plan to add another FREE plan, more books, an email notification list, and experiment with some pdf presentations. If you see a problem, need a book not listed, or have a suggestion contact us via email or call (520) 463-1994.

We are off to an excellent start. Our Jan/Feb/Mar 2003 issue of "ExtraOrdinary Technology" was distributed in January. The Apr/May/Jun features Tesla's 1931 Pierce Arrow Project and is scheduled for distribution in March. If you are not a member, NOW is the time to JOIN! .

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