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Miss the 1999 Exotic Research Conference in Mesa, Arizona? For those of you who were unable to attend the conference, we videotaped the entire conference. If you wish to contact the speakers directly, check out the speaker abstract or become member of Exotic Research and get a copy of the Exotic Research Report. A list of speakers and contact numbers is in the April/May/June 1999 (V3N2)issue.
Exotic Research Lectures & Demonstrations

Medical Technology
600201 -Ron Waling, NMD - Heart Guard.. Your First Line of Defense!
600202 - James Bare, DC - Resonance Frequency Therapy.. Comes of Age
600203 - Dan Kunkel - Bio-Resonance Sound Therapy
600204 - Elinor Rigler-Thal Gibbs, MS - Neuro-Kinesthetics... Hope for Paralysis

Modern Health Hazards and Solutions
600205 - Jesse Grenier - Reversing the Aging Process
600206 - Steven Ammerman - TTL - Secret Soviet Performance Enhancer!!!
600207 - Joseph Bender - Water... The Exotic Substance
600208 - Walter Rawls, PhD - Prospects for Our Magnetic Future
600209 - Brian David Andersen - Harmonic Elements and the Quantum Disk

Antigravity Concepts & Reality
600210 - Tom Valone - Electrogravitics... 21st Century Propulsion!
600211 - Dan LaRochelle - David Hamel Technology
600212 - Rick Todish - Working Model of an Ionic Propulsion Antigravity Craft

Advanced Energy Concepts
600213 - Bill Beaty - How Electricity REALLY Works!
600214 - Bruce Perreault - The "Nu" Generation of Radiant Energy Devices
600215 - Jeffery Hayes - Tesla Turbines... The Next Generation
600216 - George Wiseman - Brown’s Gas... Key to a Hydrogen Economy!

"Forgotten" Technology
600217 - Don Isaac, Jr. - The Stirling Engine... Revival of a "Forgotten" Technology

Advanced Technology Today
C98018 - GEET Research Parade of Inventions -3-hour live preview of various inventors and scientists that have new technology available. A special program for this section will be handed out at the conference. Some of the inventors who will be demonstrating their technology will be unidentified as they believe that they will be targeted once the technology is unveiled! -- Sponsored by GEET Research!

Exotic Research Workshops

600220 - Bruce Perreault - Radiant Energy Hands-On Construction Workshop
600221 - Paul Pantone - The Incredible World of GEET Technology Workshop

Conference Videotapes Sets

600222 - Complete Presentation Set - Great Buy!!!
600223 - Complete Workshop Set - Great Buy!!!
600224 - Complete Conference Set - Best Buy!!!

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