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600218, GEET Research - Parade of Inventions! (VHS) Retail Price: 39.95
600218, GEET Research - Parade of Inventions! (VHS) Member Price: 35.95

This segment is totally sponsored by GEET Research... any questions with regards to speakers in this section should bedirected to Paul or Molley Pantone at (801) 281-2462. The focus in this section will be on new products and developments from GEET Research and their associates.

An Engine whose time has come!

By now, members of Exotic Research should be familiar with Paul Pantone’s controversial invention... the GEET device. This unique carburetion system utilizes the engine’s heat and vacuum to create a self-generating plasma. This newly patented technology has met with stiff resistance in the academic world. Many scientists and engineers refuse to believe on the basis that it would violate what they believe they were taught concerning thermodynamics in school. However, a close reading of a good college level thermodynamics textbook will reveal...
In plasma states the electrical and magnetic work modes might be important, and idealization that the substance is a simple substance might no longer be realistic. [Engineering Thermodynamics, W.C. Reynolds and H.C. Perkins, 1977]
In other words, plasma research is relatively new and the physics behind it are not really understood yet. Hence, the physical laws are sitting there waiting to be discovered. There are a few brave scientists who have entered Paul’s world in an effort to understand and validate this new technology.

GEET Schematic A basic schematic of the GEET technology is shown right. It is fairly simple and straightforward in concept. Given a basic machine shop, these devices can be constructed by a knowledgeable machinist.

Understanding GEET
Critical to scientific understanding is testing. Dr. Andreas Kurt Richter visited Paul Pantone’s home in 1995. During that period, he performed a variety of test procedures on the device. He will reveal the results of his tests, as well as his basic understanding of the phenomenon. Furthermore, Dr. Richter will discuss some tests for the future such as x-rays showing the atomic reaction.

Dr. Grant Wood has also worked with the GEET device and has developed a new paradigm for the carburetion of fuels. Past and current systems use an aerosol system. The next cycle (long overdue) should have been to a gas-phase system such as his Cyclone Vortex System. However, GEET leapfrogs this technology and functions in the plasma state. His new paradigm for combustible fuels should guide thermodynamic engineers in their quest for higher efficiencies and increased mileage.

GEET Improvements
GEET is a new technology, and worldwide, inventors are scrambling to find ways to improve the basic technology. Monte Leblanc is one such inventor. Monte has developed the filet vaporizer that is going to be used in place of the Bubbler Pot in the GEET system. It can also be used as a stand alone vaporizer for those who cannot afford the full GEET Fuel Processor. Due to resistance in the automotive industry, GEET devices are retrofit units. Currently, you have to build them from plans (which will be available). Perhaps, by the conference, kits be available for those of us who do not have ready access to machine shops.

New Products
GEET is currently reaching out and helping to test and bring to market a variety of products. Paul will unveil many new products, and some of the inventors will be on hand to explain the technology. Finally, Molley (an inventor in her own right) will present the Purple Plates, the Anti-Aging Manual and other products they carry on the weekly Paul and Molley Show and not necessarily through GEET and their affiliates.
A great opportunity to learn of new and upcoming products!!!

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600218, GEET Research - Parade of Inventions! (VHS) Retail Price: 39.95
600218, GEET Research - Parade of Inventions! (VHS) Member Price: 35.95

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