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600214, Bruce Perreault - NU Generation of Radiant Energy Devices (VHS) Retail Price: 29.95
600214, Bruce Perreault - NU Generation of Radiant Energy Devices (VHS) Member Price: 26.95

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Bruce Perreault has quite an extensive background in electronic equipment troubleshooting and repair. Working with innovative electronic schematics for prototypes has only honed his skills as an active experimenter and inventor. He has furthered research in the alternative field by writing essays, articles and research reports.

An associate of Canterbury Creative Group, Bruce is an inventor that marches to a diiferent drummer. His ideas --though unconventional-- are not out of touch with reality. Bruce's strong individuality enables him to stick to his ideas despite the fact that some people feel they are unconventional. Mr. Perreault's unique way of looking at problems stems from the fact that he doesn't just accept as a given what the textbooks say; he goes beyond current thinking to bring about truly creative inventions.

Bruce has been dealing with advanced concepts since early youth, and is now recognized nationally as a forerunner of the next wave of electronic inventive breakthroughs. While his lab is small, his ideas are expansive, and this results in new products which will revolutionize our life in the near future. Whether dealing in inventions for the home, car, or industry, Bruce is capable of viewing the present as but a meager step toward the future of a better life for us all.

Many tests and experiments have been conducted over the years with radiant energy. Testing was conducted over a period of many years in remote areas free of houses, power lines, radio stations, and telephone lines. These tests and experiments confirm that radiant energy devices operate on a self-sustaining method of power generation.

And here are some facts:
The radiant energy power generator runs on it's own, once started by a source of negative electrostatic charge!

This machine not only will run on it's own energy, but also promises to produce huge amounts of excess power. It is predicted that when fully developed it will put out enough power to supply an electric car or a home with a compact device.

One radiant energy prototype of T.H. Moray was about
42" x 26" x 22" and weighing no more than 60 pounds. About 4 kilowatts of electrical power was demonstrated in front of scores of witnesses at any one given time.

It can be designed to deliver from 1 volt to about 320 volts direct current or just about any frequency within the scope of present day electronics. Depending on the amount of available free electrons it has the potential to supply thousands of kilowatts of electrical current!

The Radiant Energy Power Generator is not a perpetual motion device, it siphons electrons (electricity) and converts them into usable power in a truly unique way. However, there is public and private resistance to overcome before this technology can be implemented. One of the major obstacles is that there are many facets to this research that is not understood or well researched. One such facet would be last year's development of the star effect.

Starmode - Top View
Star mode - Top View
The "Star-Mode"
The "star-mode" phenomenon is the star effect that is observed between the Moray coated electrodes in Bruce Perreault's system. These pictures provided by International High Technology illustrate this effect.

Bruce points out that this star-mode can be achieved between two pins. Normally, the pins are melted when the arc discharges and a bluish, irratic arc and a smell of ozone is produced.

With a semiconductive coating similar to the Moray Swedish stone applied to each electrode, the star-mode occurs and there is no smell of ozone.

Bruce challeges anyone to reproduce this effect...

Star mode - Close up View
Star mode - Close up View

In the search for the "Moray valve" Bruce and his assistant Calvin Bahlmann discovered a very startling effect, not only did they rediscover the Moray semiconductor material, but that the material produced a star between two electrodes when excited by certain frequencies. During January 1998, Bruce viewed a Farnsworth fuser videotape from Richard Hull of The Tesla Coil Builder's Association of Richmond VA, demonstrating Farnsworth's fuser to generate a "star-mode" to create the ideal condition for nuclear fusion. Richard Hull stated on this tape that if you can achieve this star mode then you can produce fusion energy.

Bruce, while viewing the videotape showing a Farnsworth Fusor in operation immediately recognized the star effect. He had seen this effect before produced by the Moray material, however, without the associated electron leakage. The star mode within the star chamber is similar to what is created in Farnsworth's electrostatic fusion system. Farnsworth's fusor leaks electrons. The Farnsworth's system has not been able to break even because of grid losses.

Bruce uses a unique on-board circuit, similar to Edwin Gray's undiscovered patent. This circuit design efficiently absorbs the power created by a catalytic reaction within Perreault's specially designed tube. He calls this tube a "star chamber," formerly, "Perreault-valve." This chamber is called a star chamber because it contains two specially coated electrodes designed by Calvin Bahlmann that will create a modus stellaris, this is a Latin rendition of the mode of a star.

The Moray coated electrodes address the problem that has taunted fuser tube researchers for years now... that the star mode leaks out energy because of the grids. No one seems to know why this occurs. Moray electrodes combined with Bruce's high-voltage circuit, stabilizes the star mode and seems to create the proper environment for an efficient nuclear fusion reaction.

Attend this presentation of a very old source of energy ...
clean, safe and vitually limitless, it's an answer to all of our energy needs!

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600214, Bruce Perreault - NU ...Radiant Energy Devices (VHS) Retail Price: 29.95
600214, Bruce Perreault - NU ...Radiant Energy Devices (VHS) Member Price: 26.95

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