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600213, Bill Beaty - How Electricity REALLY Works! (VHS) Retail Price: 29.95
600213, Bill Beaty - How Electricity REALLY Works! (VHS) Member Price: 26.95

Bill Beaty
Bill Beaty
7040 22nd Ave NW
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Armed with a BSEE from the Universtiy of Rochester, NY, Bill Beaty has led a colorful life explaining science and technology to the general public. His extensive resume reflects his teaching ability in that for a large portion of his adult life he conceived, designed and built numerous museum exhibits, as well as being a textbook consultant. In addition, he wrote numerous articles on new methods for explaining physics to the public, and did some public speaking. The Internet has allowed him the ability to share his findings and interests in a new arena... cyberspace.

A true engineer, Bill has kept active in the traditional roles with various manufacturing firms. From software to hardware, concept to design to construction, Bill is a very proficient engineer... and he can repair things too!
Actually, electricity does not exist. The term “electricity” is a catch-all word with many different meanings. Unfortunately, these meanings are contradictory, and lead to the unsettling fact that there is no single substance or energy called electricity.

When we say "quantity of electricity," we could be talking about quantities of charged particles. But we could also be talking about quantity of energy, quantity of current, or potential, forces, fields, net charge, power, or even about electrical phenomena. All of these are found as separate dictionary definitions of the word "electricity."

But current is not power, particles are not fields, and charge is not energy. "Quantity of Electricity" is a meaningless concept because of the contradictory definitions of the word "electricity." Much of this problem would vanish if we used the word "electricity" only to refer to a field of science or class of phenomena. This is the way we use the words "physics" or "optics." Then, if we needed to get down to details, we would never say "electricity." Instead we would use words like "charges," "energy", "current," etc.
Bill Beaty
A Hair Raising Experience...
Bill is a veteran lecturer and knows how to get a point across in an entertaining informative manner. For instance, this demo illustrates the effects of STATIC CHARGES and the basic rule... LIKE CHARGES REPEL!

Why is it difficult to understand electricity? Because many misconceptions are specifically taught to students.The misconceptions were in science textbooks long ago, and they are still in most modern textbooks. Bill’s textbooks had given him a set of serious, nearly undefeatable learning barriers. Similar books are still out there at present, giving everyone else the same barriers!

This lecture is an excellent opportunity for all researchers to get on the same page as to what electricity is and how to use the proper terminology. For some, this will be a refresher course; for others, it will lead to an understanding of electricity and the terms used to describe and measure it.

Either way, proper use of terminology will help everyone to better evaluate “free” energy devices at a visual gut-level. Anyone who has taken electrical engineering courses knows how confusing electrical material can be to conceptualize. Bill is sure to make an impact on your electrical paradigm. But don’t chuck those textbooks out just yet... they do have usable equations!

Here's a great opportunity to improve your understanding of a complex field!
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600213, Bill Beaty - How Electricity REALLY Works! (VHS) Retail Price: 29.95
600213, Bill Beaty - How Electricity REALLY Works! (VHS) Member Price: 26.95

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