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Space Plane Electrogravitics...
21st Century Propulsion!!
This technology captured the imagination of our aerospace industry... and was featured on the National Space Plane that is still sitting on the drawing board!

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Thomas Valone holds a Masters Degree in Physics and undergraduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics. He has published over thirty articles on such varied topics as energy conversion, propulsion methods, electronics, bioelectromagnetics, analytical psychology, nutrition, and psychotronics in magazines ranging from Science Digest and Magnets to Pursuit and Vegetarian Voice.

Since 1979, Mr. Valone has lectured at many scientific and technical conferences featuring alternative energy technology. Tom has invented over one dozen environmental instruments ranging from gauss-meters to ELF Spectrum Analyzers as well as the first non-toxic one-piece Homopolar Generator with liquid metal brushes. He specializes in using innovative sensors to monitor energy fields.

Mr. Valone presently serves as President of Integrity Research Institute, a nonprofit corporation, dedicated to energy research and education.
Electrogravitics, sometimes also called "gravitoelectrics", is the science of using high voltage electricity to provide propulsive force to aircraft or spacecraft of certain geometries. Its discovery is credited to Thomas Townsend Brown, a physicist who learned the secret from his professor, Dr. Paul Biefield. (There are indications that Nipher's experiments from 1918 predated Biefield/Brown.

Unknown to many non-conventional propulsion experts, T. Townsend Brown's electrogravitics work after the war involved a classified multinational project. American companies such as Douglas, Glenn Martin, General Electric, Bell, Convair, Lear, and Sperry-Rand participated in the research effort. Britain, France, Sweden, Canada, and Germany also had concurrent projects from 1954 through 1956.

The recently declassified 1956 military document, "Electrogravitics Systems" by the Gravity Research Group of London (Special Weapons Study Unit), contains the research highlights, required dielectrics, the power range (KVA), as well as the theory for electrogravitics, counterbary and baricentric control. This bolsters the argument that T.T. Brown's discovery was such a vital new addition to the aviation industry, that it became an integral part of the B-2 Stealth Bomber today, giving it an unlimited range.

Since the Navy’s Project Winterhaven in the 1950’s, “electrogravity” has been applied to the auxiliary drive of the B-2 stealth bomber. In 1968, researchers with the Northrup Corporation reported that they were beginning wind tunnel experiments to investigate the benefits of applying a high-voltage electrostatic charge to the leading edges of aircraft bodies. Repeating statements that Brown made earlier in his 1960 “electrokinetic apparatus patent (U.S. #2,949,550), they expected that the charge would reduce air drag and frictional heating as well as soften the supersonic boom.
B2 Bomber
The B-2 Bomber as seen from above showing the manner in which it discharges positive and negative ions.

Northrup, which was responsible for designing the airframe of the highly classified B-2 Advanced Technology Bomber, apparently incorporated this technology into the B-2’s design. Recent disclosures from a group of black program scientists indicate that the B-2 emits ions from its wing leading edge and discharges ions of opposite high-voltage polarity in its exhaust stream. This design bears a striking resemblance to that suggested in Brown’s electrokinetic generator patent.

Brown’s electrogravitic disc design appears to have been incorporated into the B-2, indicating that electrogravitics has proceeded to the application stage. As in Brown’s disc, a high-voltage electric field gradient would extend from the front to the rear of the B-2 and, due to the electrogravitic effect, would apply forward thrust to the craft.

Furthermore, experiments by John Hutchison and John R.R. Searl also can be explained by the science of electrogravitics. With the release of NASA scientist, Paul Hill's book, Unconventional Flying Objects, electrogravitics has become more exciting than ever. Following a recommendation of Stanford University, the propulsion drive of UFO's will be analyzed!

Here's a great chance to learn more about John Hutchison, John R.R. Searl,
T. Townsend Brown and the excitng new field of electrogravitics!
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600210, Tom Valone - Electrogravitics... (VHS) Retail Price: 29.95
600210, Tom Valone - Electrogravitics... (VHS) Member Price: 26.95

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