Harmonic Elements...
and the Quantum Disk
Brian David Andersen

Can a combination of compunds and elements...
help human digestion and absorption of food...
and dramatically increase human energy levels?

600209, Brian David Andersen - Harmonic Elements... and the Quantum Disk (VHS) Retail Price: 29.95
600209, Brian David Andersen - Harmonic Elements... and the Quantum Disk (VHS) Member Price: 26.95

Brian David Andersen Brian David Andersen
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Brian David Andersen attended the University of Missouri School Of Journalismand became a freelance writer/photographer. His inventing talents surfaced with the co-invention with the first functional underwater housing system for broadcast television cameras. In 1988, Andersen discovered the new fields of structured water, room temperature superconductors and cold fusion. He left the freelance writer/photographer careers to pursue life as a researcher/inventor despite no education in science, math or physics.

In 1994, Brian developed a battery or wall plug powered device called MULTY-TRANZ that transformed and improved the atomic structure of liquids and solids. Later he discovered that a combination of metals processed and molded in a special manner also changes the atomic structure of liquids and solids without the sound generator--the Quantum Disk FVY.
These science fiction "fantasies" are now realities that can be tested and proven.

The Quantum Disk FVY is a 1-inch diameter piece of plastic with numerous materials that generates a special kind of quantum energy. When this one-of-a-kind, totally safe energy comes into contact with a liquid or solid, the atoms and molecules of the liquid or solid re-align in an organized manner. The energies of the Quantum Disk create positive order where there was once negative chaos at the atomic and molecular levels. The Quantum Disk IS NOT magnetic.

Harmonic Sphere
of Elements

Brian David Andersen discovered the foundations for the Quantum Disk while researching the Table of the Chemical Elements. The traditional science community states there are 92 elements. During the past seven years of research, Brian has discovered there are 96 elements. Archimedes discovered the value of Pi with a 96-sided polygon. Animals have 48 chromosomes that have 96 strands of DNA. The number 96 evenly divides (3.75)into a 360 degree circle and the number 92 does not.

Many anomalies occur in the standard square rectangle table of the chemical elements and Andersen logically concluded that the chemical elements harmonically manifest in multiples of seven in this dimension via a sphere rather than a square and rectangle (see illustration).
In 1992,Researcher / Inventor Brian David Andersen originally discovered compounds and elements that duplicate and magnify the element of oxygen. However these compounds and ingredients need to be stimulated by a one megahertz sound frequency. A crystal oscillator generating the one megahertz frequency requires batteries or a wall plug that is subject to breakdowns and problems.

Andersen next phase of research and development began April 1, 1997 and culminated with the release of the Quantum Disk in mid May 1997. By combining a new series of compounds and elements with computer guided lasers and advanced prototype scientific furnaces, Andersen found the quantum energies for the important molecules related to the element of oxygen. These compounds and elements are placed into a thin metal disk that does not require stimulation by the frequency of a crystal oscillator. In March 1998 Andersenís technology evolved into the development of a very thin plastic disk with numerous material that dramatically improves the taste, quality, texture, smell and surface tension of any liquid in 30 SECONDS!

Andersenís lecture can be understood by an average 13-year-old with no training in chemistry and also stimulate and amaze any basically trained or advanced scientist, engineer or researcher. Brian's lecture will revolutionize your outlook on science and the essence of our fabric.

Come experience the Quantum Disk and the essence of our fabric with the lecture by Brian David Andersen at the Exotic Research Conference.

600209, Brian David Andersen - ...Quantum Disk (VHS) Retail Price: 29.95
600209, Brian David Andersen - ...Quantum Disk (VHS) Member Price: 26.95

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