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600208, Walter Rawls, PhD - Our Magnetic Future (VHS) Retail Price: 29.95
600208, Walter Rawls, PhD - Our Magnetic Future (VHS) Member Price: 26.95

Walter Rawls
Walter Rawls, PhD
BioMagnetics, Int'l
2301 Park Avenue
Orange Park, FL 32073

(904) 264-5934

Dr. Walter Rawls, Jr --scientist, lawyer holds a Masters Degree in Physics and undergraduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics. He has published over thirty articles on such varied topics as energy conversion, propulsion methods, electronics, bioelectromagnetics, analytical psychology, nutrition, and psychotronics in magazines ranging from Science Digest and Magnets to Pursuit and Vegetarian Voice.

Since 1979, Mr. Valone has lectured at many scientific and technical conferences featuring alternative energy technology. Tom has invented over one dozen environmental instruments ranging from gauss-meters to ELF Spectrum Analyzers as well as the first non-toxic one-piece Homopolar Generator with liquid metal brushes. He specializes in using innovative sensors to monitor energy fields.
In 1936, Albert Roy Davis made an initial discovery that would lead to the verification of two additional energy forms in magnetics, separate and distinct in nature, that seem to be the controlling energies of all matter. Later, Walter Rawls teamed up with Davis to introduce the world to the science of applying the magnet’s energies to the animal system. Over the years they found that this approach can be used in emergency conditions where medical conditions is not obtainable.

Dr. Rawls computer-exact and reproducible research findings apply to the treatment of such conditions as arthritus, cancer, glaucoma, sexual problems, aging, etc. Astounding evidence exists that the “laying on of hands” is a significant natural, phenomenon. One can only wonder if magnetic facts important for our survival have been suppressed. Magnetism affects the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the exercise we take. Academia needs to reconsider magnetism’s significance.

Currently, there has been a proliferation of magnetic health devices advertised world-wide and sold to the general public. There are a variety of viewpoints as to if these devices work or if they can harm you. Dr. Rawls will address the safety issues and effectiveness connected with these devices.

Learn from one the original pioneers in biomagnetism about the scientific significance of the separate and distinct energies of magnetism as well as their effect on life, death... and, perhaps, even after death!

This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about how
magnets can benefit your health! Don't miss it!

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600208, Walter Rawls, PhD - Our Magnetic Future (VHS) Retail Price: 29.95
600208, Walter Rawls, PhD - Our Magnetic Future (VHS) Member Price: 26.95

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