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Exotic Research Lectures & Demonstrations

All Videotapes 9.95* each
Until August 31, 2003

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Ron Waling, NMD
Heart Guard!
James Bare, DC
Resonance Frequency Therapy
Dan Kunkel
Elinor Gibbs
Jesse Grenier
Reversing the Aging Process
Steven Ammerman
TTL - Performance Enhancer!!!
Joseph Bender
Water... The Exotic Substance
Walter Rawls
Prospects for Our Magnetic Future
Brian Andersen
...Quantum Disk
Tom Valone
Dan LaRochelle
David Hamel Technology
Rick Todish
...Ionic Propulsion Antigravity Craft
Bill Beaty
How Electricity REALLY Works!
Bruce Perreault
..Radiant Energy Devices
Jeffery Hayes
Tesla Turbines...
George Wiseman
Brown’s Gas...
Don Isaac
The Stirling Engine...
Paul Pantone (2 tapes - $19.90)
GEET Research Parade of Inventions
Bruce Perreault
Radiant Energy Workshop
Paul Pantone
GEET Technology Workshop


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2001 Conference Collection

Get all 17 videotapes (listed above)of the 2001 Exotic Research Conference. The information was important then... and still is.
600425: 2001 Conf Collection - $299.95!*


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The Exotic Research Conferences moved beyond the established paradigms.. beyond limited thinking.. and re-ignited the flame of the quest for knowledge in areas which are ripe for a second wave of technology growth. Researchers featured at those conferences were constantly questioning established paradigms in all fields. In effect, like Tesla, they believe in REAL science... constant experimentation and reasoning.

As an engineer myself, I know the value of a good education but I also realize that not everything I was taught is necessarily perfectly correct... and often, some ideas that I was told were impossible turned out to be real moneymakers! Such ideas upset the status quo and naturally attracts the ire of what Tesla referred to as the organized opposition -- a loose coalition of academic, financial, and political forces who profit by maintaining the status quo.

Ideally, an Exotic Research Conference was YOUR opportunity to MEET Speakers like Paul Pantone, George Wiseman, Bruce Perreault, Tom Valone and many others...with WORKING DEVICES TO DEMONSTRATE. You just have to see some things for yourself to know the truth... by being there, you get to inspect these devices UP CLOSE!... and then spend the evening discussing it with the inventor...!

Exotic Research videotaped their conferences... If you were at the conference, you can relive the highlights! If you missed the conference, consider purchasing a set of videotapes. It is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with emerging advanced concepts, the researchers, and inventors; as well as helping to support the advancement of leading-edge 21st Century Technology!

Although you can order single tapes, we highly encourage you to buy the entire set for the BEST BARGAIN... especially when combined with the member discount! Tapes are usually shipped within 48 hours and make ideal gifts, whether it be for Christmas... or perhaps, a birthday.

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