Plasma Steam
Construction Workshop

Ralph Suddath
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Plasma Steam Generator
Build Your Own!!!

Century Steam Generator in action

Century Steam
Tech Specs
Century Steam Generators create a new type of high quality steam known referred to as plasma steam. Plasma steam results from a direct combustion method of creating steam from an air, water and fuel mixture injected into an electric arc.

Operating Concept:
When an air/water/fuel mixture is injected into a high voltage arc, the interaction with a high voltage arc results in a plasma being formed with instant steam as its final product.

Air/Water/Fuel Input:
  • Fuel: Propane, Kerosene, Diesel, Gasoline... any combustible fuel (Liquid or gaseous)
  • Water: No Special Requirements
  • Airflow: 1cfm - 2000cfm

    Steam Output:
  • Instant steam in 10 seconds. (No warm-ups or idle time required)
  • Temperature: 200 - 3000 F. (Automatic temperature control)
  • Pressure: 1psi - 1000psi (Independent of temperature)
  • Air Flow: 1cfm - 2000cfm (Independent of temp/pressure)
  • Vapor Saturation Range: supersaturated-wet-very dry

    Special Features:
  • Safety First (designed for operator safety)
  • No radiant heat Loss (thermal efficiency of 90%+)
  • No Unauthorized Use (lockable control panel)
  • No pollution (eliminates smokestacks)
  • Plasma steam energy was initially discovered by scientists in Nazi Germany in the late 1930s. The German scientists were working on a steam energy system for use in German submarine torpedo propulsion. At the end of World War II, the United States Government confiscated the German scientific documents, interrogated the captive scientists, classified the documents and interrogation notes as "TOP SECRET", and placed them in their archives. Over the past 50 years, most of this information has eluded many of the world's leading scientists.

    George Vestal retrieved these notes in 1973 and developed the Plasma Steam Generator at Vestal Laboratories. Later, after George's death, Ralph Suddath purchased the company and further refined and improved the generator.

    Plasma steam technology utilizes propane, gasoline, menthane, kerosene, diesel, hydrogen, or any other combustible fuel. The fuel is thoroughly mixed with water and air sent into a reaction chamber. Inside the reaction chamber, the mixture is sprayed into an electric arc creating a plasma which rapidly reduces to steam when exiting the chamber (hence the term... plasma steam).

    In conventional thermodynamics, once a liquid turns to a gas, further additions of energy would cause the temperature of the gas (vapor) to increase. Eventually, at very high temperatures, the molecules become ionized, and thermodynamic engineers call the ion-electron mixture a plasma. The Century Steam Generators shortens the route from liquid to plasma state by putting the liquid directly into an electric arc. In addition to igniting the fuel, the arc ionizes the resulting vapor.

    Using this open flame flash technique of creating steam, virtually 100% of the fuel consumed is turned into usable energy. No pollution is emitted into the atmosphere.

    Now this by-product of the German war effort can be put to your own use. There will be hands-on construction training and demonstrations at this workshop. During this three-hour workshop, Ralph will teach attendees how to build these devices. He is planning to have blueprints available for sale during this intriguing mini-course. Many more facets of plasma steam will be explored and a live steam demonstration will take place. Of course, due to the dangers associated with steam technology, safety will be of the primary concern.

    Plasma steam has a number of uses ranging from ecologically safe insect control to steam cleaning and as a non-polluting power source. As an attendee of this workshop, armed with training and blueprints, you should be able build your own and discover your own applications. Who knows... maybe you will be the first household in the neighborhood to use a Century Steam Generator around the house!

    By attending this workshop at the1998 Exotic Research Conference, you won't be seeing a technology revolution in the making... you'll be part of it!!!

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    600122, Ralph Suddath - Plasma Steam Workshop (VHS) Retail Price: 29.95
    600122, Ralph Suddath - Plasma Steam Workshop (VHS) Member Price: 26.95

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