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George Wiseman
600118, George Wiseman - Fuel Saving Technology (VHS) Retail Price: 19.95
600118, George Wiseman - Fuel Saving Technology (VHS) Member Price: 17.95

electric meter
Reverse your Electric Meter

George can explain how to LEGALLY turn back the ordinary power meter attached to your home. Even sell the excess power to your local utility (which Federal Law requires the utility to buy!) And using this simple, inexpensive technique you can build your own independent power system. This is but one of the energy saving technologies developed by Eagle Research.
Over the years, Eagle Research has developed a number of serious, practical, do-it-yourself projects. Speaking at conferences and writing books insures the technologies will be public knowledge, if for some reason Eagle Research ceases to exist. Other inventors working on these technologies have "disappeared", we don't know where or why. Because they kept their experiments secret, the essence of their ideas has been lost. Eagle Research is duplicating their research and making it public knowledge. They concentrate on practical applications that can be "home-built" and applied by the general public (this means YOU).

Most people can't convert instantly to the new energy technologies and need practical answers for their vehicles NOW. Eagle Research's combustion enhancement technologies are available NOW! Over 50,000 users are very satisfied with these fuel saving methods and devices. George and his associates have examined hundreds of patents, Government studies, refinery data, and consulted experts who have set world records for fuel economy. (The current World record is over 5500 mpg.) They then took all the information and set up their own lines of research to find practical applications.

George will be presenting practical information on how to save fuel. Gains of 25 percent are typical. There is no power loss and vehicle emissions usually drop well below California standards. This information is unique because it is practical, tested and easily used by anyone who drives a vehicle with a carburetor. What's more; your "cash out of pocket" to follow the basic steps will usually cost you less than a tank of gas. Mr. Wiseman will explains how to build an electronic circuit that doubles the efficiency of the "Basic" version of the Carburetor Enhancer (above). The E.C.E. is absolutely required to get the most efficiency out of the HyCO 2A system (or any combustion enhancement method) on a carbureted engine.

One of the most promising alternative energy technologies is HEAT Technology. HEAT stands for Heat Energy Available Today. Mr. Wiseman will outline technology that will allow people to cut their energy costs to near nothing. The HEAT technology allows us to take ambient heat from sun, air, water and earth and covert the heat to mechanical power. This is FREE ENERGY, available to everyone. Attendees will learn how it is possible to gather heat from the air (even at -60°C) and change it into electricity for you to use in your home. We do this by having a HEAT engine drive an electrical generator. This new type of "heat pump" could supply all of your home energy needs (electrical and heating) year around. In George's case (British Columbia, Canada), this means a $7,000 per year saving. Plus, he will be selling my excess power to my local utility. In effect, we are introducing a technology that is a practical answer to our energy and pollution problems.

By attending this lecture, you will learn how to build home power systems using "off the shelf" parts. Furthermore, this lecture outlines how you can make your own fuel, (to heat your home or power your car) with only water, air and the excess electricity you've generated free. Mr. Wiseman will outline (with sketches) their most recent and most practical thermodynamic cycle for the HEAT technology and the simple engine that operates on it. This cycle is specifically designed to drive a special engine at ambient temperatures using environmentally friendly refrigerant gases as the drive fluid.

We have found that people like you are interested in the results of energy researchers like George Wiseman, even before they have commercial products. In this case, you won't be disappointed. Don't miss it!

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600118, George Wiseman - Fuel Saving Technology (VHS) Retail Price: 19.95
600118, George Wiseman - Fuel Saving Technology (VHS) Member Price: 17.95

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