The Mysterious
Phoenix Lights
Jim Dilettoso
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The Phoenix Lights
March 13, 1997

The Mutual UFO Network, Arizona chapter, received more than 40 calls from around the state reporting sightings of the mystery lights. Here is a summary of the statewide activity...

Paulden, 8:16 pm: A former police officer reports a bizarre cluster of lights moving rapidly across the night sky.

Prescott and Prescott Valley, 8:17 pm: Several people report that they witnessed 4 or 5 very bright white lights passing overhead. Several observers report the object to be triangular, with a complex grouping of lights-along its sides.

Dewey: Five adults and a youth driving north on Arizona 69 witness a very large cluster of lights forming a "V" shape in the sky.

Chino Valley, Tempe, Glendale, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, Kingman: Many people in these areas call to report sighting the object.

Tucson, 8:45 pm: A man watches a formation of lights for about 15 minutes. He reports that the lights came from the northwest, maneuvered overhead five to 10 minutes, then move south, disappearing over mountains.

On March 13th, 1997, what appeared to be a triangular object about a mile wide at it's base flew over the city of Phoenix, Az. At least, that's what a number of eyewitnesses claim... and officials initially denied... however, this event was captured on videotapes all over the city... and that is what makes this UFO event a compelling story to talk about.

A lot of footage from a wide variety of sources has been brought to Village Labs, which has become the de facto clearinghouse nationwide for information on the Phoenix Lights. It is difficult to claim that everyone had a mass hallucination when you see the event on videotape. It is also difficult to claim that every video is a fake when there are so many videos—taken by people who don't even know each other—showing the same event taking place!

Something big passed over Phoenix on the night of March 13, 1997. That is the FACT that cannot be denied. What it actually was, needs to be determined immediately. Fortunately, in this modern age, home videocameras are pretty common in Phoenix. This is giving serious UFO investigators a plethoria of visual data to work from, as these videos are from different locations and different angles.

Unfortunately, instead of taking this event seriously and doing a public investigation, most officials at all levels of government deny it ever happened and ridicule anyone (including other government officials) who dares to bring it up as a serious topic...its the decades old response that has been refined over the years.

However, this approach is beginning to backfire as more and more people are realizing that they are not alone... and that they are not crazy! The ridicule response is growing old and eroding the government's credibility.

In fact, when the government came out and stated that the aliens picked up at the 1947 Roswell crashsite were “dummies” they dropped out of huge weather balloons, it raised a few questions like: Her's a brief recap of what happened. Around 8PM, a man in Paulden, Arizona, called the Daily Courier and said he saw five diamond-shaped objects with wispy tails. Shortly later, calls poured into the MUFON's National UFO Reporting Center from Prescott, Prescott Valley, and Dewey before reaching the Phoenix metropolitan area around 8:23 P.M. that night.

The witnesses described the object as “huge,” sporting five or six lights in a triangular formation and traveling at “blimp speed.” This triangular formation was seen to accelerate and slow to a hover on several occasions. It seemed to be approaching Phoenix from the north on the eastern side and heading directly south toward South Mountain at around 8:30 PM. The object passed very low over the cities of Scottsdale, Tempe, and Chandler where witnesses observed some structure to the triangular object.

Around 8:45 PM the object was sighted in the Tucson area. One of the lights attached to the front of the object would detach from the object and fly off and return. This object returned to Phoenix at close to 10PM that night and deployed “orbs” in the vicinity of the Estrella Mountains or appeared as an object in a wide configuration that from a distance of 25 miles had the appearance of an arc of ten lights spanning a mile across.

What really happened in Phoenix? Conventional explanations that were proffered included flares or a formation of airplanes, however, when all witness testimony is taken into account, such conventional explanations do not seem consonant with the facts.

At Village Labs, Jim Dilettoso is using a number of computerized techniques to analyze the lights which appear to be artificial. Some of the significant findings are that the spectrum does not correspond with any known light normally found in the night skies. Furthermore, when closely examined, the lights seem to be pulsating in a repeating pattern which may reveal a hidden message.

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600117, Jim Dilettoso - Phoenix Lights (VHS) Retail Price: 19.95
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