Dunamis Kyklos"
The Power Wheel
Calvin Bahlmann
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A "Self-Energized" Rotating Disc Demonstration

Testatika Generator

This version developed by Dr. Nelson Camus is the first scientific method to convert electrostatic energy into electrodynamic power! It uses radium chloride and uses 2 wheel brushes which are in motion in different ways. It uses a special configuration of 2 Leyden jars (2 Farad @ 300VDC) and a radium doped inductor/capacitor to store power. Rotational speed is either 50 or 60 rpm which determines AC output frequency (50 or 60Hz).

Calvin will demonstrate a self energized rotating disc device. This device is but one of the numtrous energy related products for applications in the consumer, commercial, industrial and aerospace markets that his company (International High Technology is presently doing research and development on.

This device uses mechanical and electrical components made of exotic materials and a new semiconducting coating developed jointly by his company and Nu Energy Horizons (Bruce Perreault). His self-energized rotating disc device uses a vertical axis shaft and special bearings to reduce friction (as opposed to the Testatika which uses a horizontal axis).

In addition to demonstrating his own device, Mr. Bahlmann will give you an analsys of the Swiss built Testatika device. The Testatika device was produced by a Swiss research team at the Merthernitha community in Linden, Switzerland. Their device was a dual disc device that produced 3 to 4 kw of power at 270 to 320 volts DC for many years.

Information presented at this year's conference will explore many applications of this new motive force as a source of energy for the machines of the future.

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600115, Calvin Bahlmann - The Power Wheel (VHS) Retail Price: 19.95
600115, Calvin Bahlmann - The Power Wheel (VHS) Member Price: 17.95

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