New Generation of
Radiant Energy Devices

Bruce Perreault

600114, Bruce Perreault - ..Radiant Energy Devices (VHS) Retail Price: 19.95
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Non-polluting Radiant Energy power applications
will be demonstrated!!!

The Perreault Atom

This model will demonstrate how it may be possible for a tritium atom to "decay" to "helium-3." With this model it is possible for a charged hydrogen atom that carries an excess electron in it's shell to combine with the tritium atom and emit an electron as a by-product. When this occurs an electron is emitted at an accelarated rate and is seen as beta energy.

This model will not alter the way we view chemistry, however, it will change how we view nuclear changes. Isotopes of the elements will be seen in a different light.

The model shown on this web-page is in it's most simplistic form. It can be expanded to encompass the entire periodic chart of elements. The positive charge that you see in the center of the hydrogen nucleus is just what it is, it is an element that has the mass of hydrogen and a specific resonate frequency according to this mass. Shown are three hydrogen atoms that have a differing combination of electron or neutrons. They are all hydrogen atoms, however, it is the neutron count that determines what isotope of hydrogen it is.

The elements were created at the beginning of the universe and they can not be destroyed or altered. Lithium for example is an element mass that has a mass that is slightly larger than a hydrogen element, it is the center of it's universe and has a resonate frequency representitive of it's mass. Having a larger mass it will vibrate at a lower rate than the hydrogen element, it is caught by earth's gravitational pull more readily and therefore is heavier. The same applies to the rest of the elements on the chart. Isotopic differences in atomic weights are due solely to neutron counts in their shells.

In addition to updating and filling the brief outline of his atomic theory, Bruce will be demonstrating a working radiant energy device. Check out this presentation at the1998 Exotic Research Conference, and determine for yourself whether there's an energy revolution in the making... you'll want to be part of it!!!

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600114, Bruce Perreault - ..Radiant Energy Devices (VHS) Retail Price: 19.95
600114, Bruce Perreault - ..Radiant Energy Devices (VHS) Member Price: 17.95

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