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Missing Link Element

Ron Kovac
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ATOMIC MASS 5 has promise of new energy source!

Atomic Mass 5 Glowing in the Dark.

Atomic Mass 5

Mass 5 glows in the dark and contains a great amount of energy... in this case, enough to heat a coil of platinum wire close to 2000F. Platinum wire coil glows white hot (1450F) when inside a flask of mass 5 gas.

This what is what Mass 5 looks like glowing in the dark... Mass 5 gas glows in the dark for up to 8 hours after the plasma that created it was turned off. It is the same color of yellow as the inside of the 1987-A super nova.

Mass 5 is electromagnetically created just like cold fusion is electromagnetically created. The platinum electrode gets hot in cold fusion cell. Cold fusion cell liquid contains same parent gas as mass 5 plasma.

Apparatus Used to Produce Mass 5

The above chart is just the beginning of the whole chart listing all the atoms and isotopes. The rest of the chart extends, unbroken, some 12 feet to the right off the page. The broken area indicated above is where a new atom was created using a vacuum tube with only nitrogen(14)exposed to electromagnetic force fields and high voltage. Mass spectroscopy analysis revealed that the contents in the tube after plasma shaping (electromagnetics) included substantial amounts of helium(4)and lithium(5).

Lithium(5) is a "missing link" element in that mass spectrometer literature indicates that there is no element of atomic weight 5 (also known as Mass 5). It's existence was theoretically predicted... and now has been created. The unknown element of atomic mass 5 was created using opposing magnetic fields around a rarefied nitrogen quartz plasma tube. This research is an extension of the plasma ball research Ron Kovac presented inExtraordinary Science and at the '94 New Energy Symposium in Denver.

It has been shown that pieces of sheet gold or platinum, when exposed to excited nitrogen from a low pressure ring discharge or a capillary plasma discharge, visibly glow or melt. Associated historical experiments dating from 1884 to 1955, concerning this excess heat and after glow, make a case that this form of nitrogen is really Atomic Mass 5 --the "missing link" element -- as reported at the first conference on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions held at Texas A&M University on June 1995.

All 100 years of scientific anomalies discovered in the name of activated nitrogen can now be resolved as the physical, chemical, and atomic electrodynamic nature of atomic mass 5 . New research has shown, using mass spectrometer, that when mass 5 is exposed to helium, reactions occur causing the entire range of masses to appear offscale from 3 amu to 100 amu. The associated pressure increase is sometimes so great as to cause the mass spectroscope to trip "auto shutdown" as damage prevention to the mass spectrometer.

Ron Kovac recently discovered atomic mass 5 using plasma of nitrogen in an opposing magnetic field. On going research is indicating that this mysterious new gas, never found in nature, verified by a prominent university, might provide ten times the energy, pound for pound, as gasoline or other chemical fuels. Even though this energy content indicates atomic activity, rather than chemical reaction, there is no radiation emitted.

Even more suprising, the emission spectroscopy of this gas ,that glows in the dark after the power is turned off, is the same spectrum as that found in the super nova 1987-A. This nova was recently photographed by the Hubble telescope. The photograph confused scientists to the extent that Nov 3 issue of Newsweek said "no one really knows" with regard to the colors and strange rings of this super nova.

Ron (president of the Denver Institute For Advanced Studies ) submits that this super nova can be created in a bottle on a tabletop. Furthermore, the same energy driving the supenova in space can be tapped from the this tabletop bottle.

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600111, Ron Kovac - Plasma Research... (VHS) Retail Price: 19.95
600111, Ron Kovac - Plasma Research... (VHS) Member Price: 17.95

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