The Cosmic Cooler, LP-10
and Implosion

Sonne Ward
600109, Sonne Ward - Cosmic Cooler, Lp-10... (VHS) Retail Price: 19.95
600109, Sonne Ward - Cosmic Cooler, Lp-10... (VHS) Member Price: 17.95

Astonishing Effects of LP-10

Although many of Sonne's inventions appear very "high tech", they work "with" instead of "against" nature. They tap into what is natural, safe and simple, to enhance rather than destroy life. A good example is LP-10. LP-10 is electron charged water (he originally used fruit spirits) that returns energy that is lost through the natural aging process and improves circulation in the body.

This liquid is cultured in Sonne's Cosmic Cooler. The food eaten from Sonne's cooler and living around this cosmic energy appears to regenerate people. Sonne's hair is growing darker and wrinkles are disappearing from his body. The new growth of Sonne's long beard is dark. His bald spot is also disappearing. The documented cell regeneration in produce stored in Sonne's cooler could rewrite medicine, biology, genetics, physics etc. as we know them today. Guests who have stayed at the Starship have also noticed improvements in their health.
All of the applications and inventions that Sonne Ward is working on use Implosion technology. Working with (instead of against) Nature allows us to tap into energies that are natural, safe, simple and enhance life. The principles of Implosion that Tesla and Victor Schauberger developed are taken further by Sonne Ward.

One of the major projects Sonne is working on is the Starship Module Home -- a giant capacitator designed using Sacred Geometry. The Starship Module Home is totally solar and captivates cosmic energies beyond our visible light spectrum. (Cosmic rays were discovered by Nikola Tesla in 1896 over one hundred years ago!) Implosion circuits increases the power output of the home's electric panels. It has no conventional heating, cooling, refrigeration or air conditioning.

The Starship home uses the Cosmic Cooler to replace conventional refrigeration and air conditioning. The Cosmic Cooler, a large capacitor, built on Sacred Geometry principles is like a highly charged electron donor. It has an average temperature of 50oF with a mean humidity reading 116% without any moisture condensing on the ceiling or walls.

Sonne believes concentrated cosmic rays inside the chamber disassociate hydrogen and oxygen from the moisture in the concrete walls and floor which combine with organic carbon in plant tissue to produce a DNA altering compound which appear to rejuvinate these tissues. Cell tissues in produce stored in it have re-generated in 90% of the documented cases.

Chlorophyll in living plants grown in the "Cosmic Cooler" such as narcissus and tulips has been cultivated with a total absence of ultaviolet or any other source of light. The plant sprouts have a dark green color although they receive zero photons.

An organic fruit spirit (fluid)that Sonne and his family have been taking this for the last five years, is cultured in the "Cosmic Cooler". Since they have started taking this spirit, a lot of rejuventation of their bodies, from wrinkle reduction to regrowth of hair has taken place. Other effects noted are reduced arthritic pain, acne scar disappearance and improved overall health... Incredible!

Sonne explains and demonstrates a wide variety
of his inventions and projects he is working on. Don't miss it!

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600109, Sonne Ward - Cosmic Cooler, Lp-10... (VHS) Retail Price: 19.95
600109, Sonne Ward - Cosmic Cooler, Lp-10... (VHS) Member Price: 17.95

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