Holes in Heaven...
The HAARP Legacy

Paula Randal-Smith
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A Close Look at Secret Cold War Technology!

The US Navy's Most Talked about Secret Program
Much concern has recently been focused upon the military managed project known as HAARP. By its many conspiracy devotees, HAARP has been called the very apex of Twentieth Century military technology. The pro-HAARP people believe that HAARP is just another government program and ridicule the conspiracy buff's. On the other hand, the government has taken the conspiracist's concerns that they have launched a full scale PR program including publication of many of its tests. The truth will come out in the future.

In the meantime, let's enjoy the flow of information resulting from the "hysteria" of conspiracy writers whose efforts have culminated in the Navy's establishmnet of a HAARP internet site. Given the photos like the one above (it is one the photos shot directly into the net on a daily basis) and the constantly updated webpage... one could say that HAARP is one of the Navy's most open secret programs...
HAARP Schematic

Presently nearing completion in Gakona, Alaska, HAARP features the Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI) which, when functional, will send 3.6 million watts in a highly focused billion-watt radio beam into the earth’s upper atmosphere. The official purpose of HAARP, a joint operation of the US Navy and US Air Force/Phillips Laboratory, is to understand the workings of the earth’s atmosphere by stimulating small sections of the ionosphere and to enhance communications by using the ionosphere to reflect radio waves. But critics suspect ulterior motives and predict dire results.

Though a few mainstream sources, including Science Magazine and Popular Science have reported on HAARP, most information on the project has come from the environmental press. Throughout the controversy, Exotic Research Report has regularly published factual data on HAARP. The internet has also been a key source of information on the project. Ranging from the dryly technical to the wildly speculative (a former Air Force officer hints cryptically of communication with subterranean “reptoids”), websites and chatrooms abound with HAARP. On the whole, however, the mainstream media has virtually ignored the potential catastrophic hazard that HAARP poses to the entire global environment— making it one of the most underreported major controversies of the close of this century.

Paula Randol-Smith was determined to bring HAARP before the public for which it could be either a blessing or a nemesis. She began production on a film— Holes in Heaven? Advances in Tesla Technology, a documentary exploring both sides of the project. Her personal finances and grassroots fundraising provided the bulk of support. The project has since entailed miles of travel across the United States, Randol-Smith in search of funds, and Wendy Robbins to meet with scientists and activists from Alaska to Massachusetts.

Research was a formidable task. Preparation meant reading every piece of available information from the government and from the critics. Robbins, who won an Emmy for her film “Ozone Danger Zone”, is no stranger to science, but she soon found that her job would include learning the complexities of plasma physics and simplifying them for her audience. Robbins’ research included observing museum exhibits and elementary school materials which made scientific concepts accessible to children, and adapting these techniques for the film.

Randol-Smith conducted interviews for the film which include HAARP Project Manager John Hecksher; Dr. Bernard Eastlund, upon whose work much of HAARP is reportedly based; authors Begich and Manning; and others. They all acknowledged that it is a global issue and that it is one of the most exciting experiments ever conducted in understanding our ionosphere.

HAARP representatives, as might be expected, stuck to their guns, assuring the filmmakers there is nothing to fear from the project. It was the information from the opposing camp, though, that caused “Holes in Heaven?” to widen its scope into the netherworlds of mind control, directed energy weapons, and even earthquake generation.The filmmakers were struck that nobody knows for certain what the side effects might be. One worst case scenario—which the government scientists claim is not in the realm of probability—is an ion column: the ionosphere has become so charged with energy that it discharges a lightning bolt which can destroy the equivalent of twelve square city blocks each second for an indefinite period of time!

The purpose of “Holes in Heaven?” is not to halt HAARP in its tracks, but to bring it before the public. Holes in Heaven?’ tries to make the subject understandable and to give both sides of the story, so people can make their own decisions. Tesla once said:
    Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has as its ultimate goal the betterment of humanity.
The filmmakers found that to be the goal of both camps. The filmmakers bring the controversy before the rest of us. We decide if we are blessed or if we are guilty of arrogance before the Nature!
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600108, P. Randal-Smith - Holes in Heaven... (VHS) Retail Price: 19.95
600108, P. Randal-Smith - Holes in Heaven... (VHS) Member Price: 17.95

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