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The word progesterone is too often incorrectly used when referring to progestational substances - both natural progesterone and synthetic progestins. They are not the same and have different effects in the body. Synthetic hormones are accompanied by numerous and dangerous side effects, while natural progesterone has very few.

(as listed in the 1994 PDR):

Uterine/Breast cancer
Blood clots
Fluid retention
Acute allergic reaction
Breast tenderness
Pulmonary embolism
Weight gain
Breakthrough bleeding
Skin breakouts/Acne
Rise in blood pressure
Alopecia (hair loss)
Decreased glucose
Masculizing effects
Migraine headaches
Mental depression
Changes in libido

DHEA levels At age 20, DHEA levels begin to drop...
fromSmart & Nutrientby Dr. Ward Dean
The single most neglected health issue and the single most economically devastating issue in American is the passage of women through menopause. This short transition will ultimately determine her future health survival. In about 50% of the cases, because of divorce, it will determine how lawyers will plunder the present and future cumulative resources of a family. Men also suffer a form of hormonal imbalances, which causes Benign Prostrate Hypertrophy (BHP), bladder disease, cancer, and impotency. Accordingly, the issue of menopause is not only of concern to women, but also of interest and consternation for men.

Historically,--and presently in third world countries -- 10-15% of women have suffered with menopausal symptoms, while in industrialized countries (2nd and 3rd world), the percentages approach 35-40% of the total female populous. This disparity is caused by a nutritionally depleted food, restrictive diets, high stress, the use of birth control pills, and xeno-estrogens in the food supply.

Hormones are the messengers of the biological system. They are produced by the organism and released into the blood stream for immediate distribution through the body. Each hormone has a specific carrier protein, and a specific receptor site. Because of a hormoneís unique chemical structure, it approaches a cell receptor, couples with it, and elicits a specific response form the cell. The response could be a biological alteration, cell division/contraction, the production of a protein or other communicative hormones, etc. All living organisms produce hormones.

The major precursor to hormones in the body is cholesterol which is converted to pregnenolone, from which progesterone and DHEA are produced. The ratios of progesterone to DHEA to progesterone production is closely regulated--and from this point on, the process becomes very complicated. Each major hormone is the precursor to six subordinate hormones, which is the precursor to six more subordinate hormones, which is the precursor to six more hormones. etc. In other words, the total number of hormones is approximately 437 to 2622 different hormones, not counting other chemical structures, which have hormonal activity -- and concurrent with this is the specificity of the carrier proteins and the receptor sites. Because of the complicated path ways and the delicate balances required to produce and inventory hormones within the body, they are easily disrupted.

Nevertheless, the body has a self-controlling mechanism, which constantly attempts to re-balance the hormonal levels back to normal. The internal hemostat constantly inventories the system and attempts to reallocate hormonal resources and pathways to maintain good health and well being -- however, the hemostat can be both assisted and overridden by external forces: exeno-estrogens.

Xeno-estrogens are chemicals which elicit an estrogenic response form the body, however, are not produced by the endocrine system. Typical xeno-estrogens (foreign estrogens) are insecticides, fungicides, biphenols, and phenol-like compounds, which are found in paints, thinners, and plastics -- and water contamination of rivers by excretion of females -- and hormones in meats (animals are shot with hormones to induce fast growth--and in the incorrect choice of plants. As one can imagine, these sources can greatly alter the subtle components of the human body--in both male and female!

Estrogen and birth control pills, taken for a short period can alter the control mechanisms of the hypothalamus--forever--which is directly related to menopausal symptoms in women. Estrogen alter the sensors which control the range of estrogen in the body. Upon reaching the time of menopause, the corrupted hypothalamus permits estrogen levels to rise above normal limit, altering the ratios of hormonal balance, and subsequent pathways for hormonal production, thereby caousing hot flashes, bone pains, heart palpitations, varicose veins, mental disorientation, loss of memory, esophageal and digestive problems, weight gain ect.

Additionally, the rise in estrogen alters the way thyroid hormone is utilized; on a cellular level, produced, and released form the thyroid gland. Not only does excessive estrogen effect the thyroid, it suppresses the absorption of minerals and causes malusage and malabsorption within the system. When soft tissue minerals are tested, metabolic minerals and minerals responsible for enzymatic construction are severely depressed to dangerous levels. Since thyroid is necessary for metabolic function and body heat--and minerals are utilized in all facets of metabolism, the endocrine system is compromised, causing a general hormonal crash--with dramatic physical consequences.

Habitual stress in both sexes causes excessive estrogen response. Estrogen synergizes with adrenaline to accentuate the stress response to tissues. In men, excessive stress causes BHP (Benign Prostate Hypertrophy), varicose veins, fragile capillaries and arteries, arthritic conditions, embolisms, muscle depletion, and heart attacks. Additionally, estrogen causes a redistribution of calcium into soft tissues--into the periphery of brain capillaries, walls of arteries, cartiladge, and cells in general. It promotes the removal of calcium from the cordial portion of the bone and redeposition into the center, marrow containing portion of the bone. Accordingly, the load bearing strength portion of the bone is diminished, while the mass(weight) of the bone is increases. Contrary to contemporary belief, supplemental estrogen should cause more de-hiblilitating maladies for women!

Interestingly, the menopause starts at about age 34 and becomes critical at about the age 46-55, while for men, the age of change happens at 45-60. Also, estrogen is not just a female hormone. During very high stress and operations, men can have estrogen levels in excess of women.

At the age of 34 and with decreased fertility, a womanís progesterone level begins to decrease, while her estrogen level is either maintained or increases. This estrogen to progesterone ratio cauces estrogen dominance and the inhibits thyroid--which causes weight gain. Interestingly, adapols (fat) tissue also produces estrogen, which exacerbates the problem the problem of weight gain. The normal female response is to diet, eat carbohydrates, unsaturated oils, and excerise, which causes more stress and further exacerbates problems. If permitted to continue, women suffer edema, weight gain, vitamin and antioxidant deficiencies, endometriosis, fibroids, migraines, ovulation problems, hypertension, anxiety, ect.

As mentioned previously, the homeostatic system can be assisted by external sources. Plants are natural sources of phyto-hormones, which can be utilized by the body. We are designed to consume phyto-pharmacuetical containing plants, which synbioticly support our biological systems. Nevertheless, our selection of vegetables has been reduced form 240 varieties to a remnant of 24 varieties. Many of the initial 240 varieties were consumed for the medicinal and hormonal supportive effects. Contrary to good health, the basic Americanís diet and mineral intake is similar to that of a besieged city.

Presently, the only method of acquiring phytopharmaceuticals is to wild craft or to purchase herbs. There are about 500 different Pseudo-hormonal containing plants. Most plants contain both progesterogenic and estrogenic compounds--and to complicate the issue, a womanís cycle constantly changes in its hormonal requirements. An herb taken at the wrong time, can cause unexpected results, while taken at the correct time can cause desired results--and combinations of herbs can synergism both positively and negatively.

The delivery system is also very important. Taken internally, herbs are digested, permitting only a minute percentage of the active phyto-pharmaceutical to enter the blood stream, which are immediately eliminated by the liver. Taken transdermally in steric acid/water based creams, the components crystallize upon the skin. Conversly, if the components are dissolved in Vitamin E or in Olive oil, the components transit the skin very rapidly. Nevertheless, most men and women cannot adequately research the multiplicity, quantity, and synergistic effects of herbal possibilities--and the transdermal mobility of absorption.

Fortunately, Norsam has developed standard herbal formulas for men and women to treat the symptoms of menopause, BHP and age related discomforts.

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600107, Dean Viktora - Hormonal Imbalance... (VHS) Retail Price: 19.95
600107, Dean Viktora - Hormonal Imbalance... (VHS) Member Price: 17.95

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