Colloidal Silver book cover
Colloidal Silver
Making the Safest and the Most Powerful Medicine on Earth for the Price of Water

by Mark Metcalf

Media: Perfect
Published: 2001
Publisher: Silver Protects
Pages: 156
Retail Price: $18.95

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Start Banishing Disease Today ... with unlimited amounts of colloidal silver... itís safe and heals with the power of nature! Silver is a powerful, natural prophylactic/antibiotic, used for thousands of years. Ancient Greeks (and other cultures) lined their eating and drinking vessels with silver. Pioneers of the American West put a silver dollar in a jug of milk to keep it fresh without refrigeration. Silver kills bacteria on contact in six minutes or less... and bacteria and viruses cannot develop a tolerance for silver as they do with antibiotics. Silver deficiency is responsible for the improper functioning of the immune system. Everything you wanted to know about colloidal silver... is in this comprehensive how to book. There is an easy step-by-step method for making your own coloidal silver included.
700020:  Colloidal Silver ... $18.95

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