The Coming Energy
		Revolution, cover
The Coming
     Energy Revolution

The Search For Free Energy

by Jeane Manning

Published:May 1996
Publisher:Avery Publishing Group
Retail Price:$12.95

Spirals of Energy
What do space energy and other forms of new energy have in common? Many researchers think the common link is the three dimensional spiral, or vortex.

Whirlpools and tornadoes are both types of vortices. They create a funnel of energy from top to bottom. To picture what a vortex looks like, picture the sort of spiral coil that you might find in a mattress.

When viewed from the top, the spirals in a vortex get wider and wider as you go from the inside to the outside. One can see this shape everywhere in nature, from seashells to fern fronds.

Motion along such a spiral can be either outward or inward. In outward motion, matter and energy are dissipated. In inward motion, however, matter and energy are created. Researchers believe that space energy and other forms of new energy follow an inward- spiralling path, and are in constant motion.
There is a new and exciting revolution coming. It will dramatically change our landscape, our environment, our economy, and our lives. It will provide each and every one of us with a truly unique sense of independence. It will mark the end of oil-influenced politics, and the beginning of a bright new millennium -- a time in which we all will have our own unlimited sources of nonpolluting energy. However, it will not come without a struggle, as history has already shown. The Coming Energy Revolution provides us with an intriguing and insightful look at the forces behind the "free energy" movement.

Some inventors claim to have found a source of energy that will make fossil fuels and nuclear power obsolete. It is known by a number of names: "free energy," "space energy," "zero-point energy." These inventors say it is the background sea of energy that saturates the universe, including the earth and everything on it... and they say that humanity can tap this energy--cleanly and cheaply.

The Coming Energy Revolution introduces us to some of these inventors, both past and present, who have insisted that we are surrounded by a sea of energy that we can tap once we have learned nature's secrets. Conventional science says that space is cold and still, and that what energy does exist cannot be put to useful work. The free energy innovators say that conventional science is wrong, and that free energy research is being suppressed by a combination of scientific inertia and corporate self-interest. But the suppression cannot last, as this book shows -- there are simply too many inventors who are close to free energy breakthroughs.

The Coming Energy Revolution examines the technologies on which these inventors are working. There are magnets that can redirect the energy of space. There is a gentler form of nuclear energy that can take place on a table top. There is hydrogen, a clean, abundant fuel that can be produced wherever needed. There is a form of hydropower that does not rely on massive dams. And there are other forms of new energy. The Coming Energy Revolution looks at them all, and at the kinds of changes that will be needed to overcome the roadblocks between our old energy present and our new energy future.

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