Tools and Their Uses book cover
Exploring the Spectrum
Wavelengths of Agriculture and Life

by Philip S. Callahan, PhD

Media: Softcover
Published: June 1994
Publisher: Acres USA
Pages: 178
Retail Price: $16.00

Phil Callahan ... Philip S. Callahan exploring the spectrum along the headwaters of the Amazon in Peru.
A fact of life is that many people who love nature are turned off by the word electromagnetic. Any naturalist — amateur or professional — must have a “down to earth” understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum. The entire spectrum is covered in this book, everything from the short radioactive waves used to sterilize male screw flies so the female lays sterile eggs; to the long-wave radio frequencies that penetrate the soil, control and enhance root growth and the immune system of plants and animals. Explains not only the visible-light spectrum, but also the invisible high-energy nuclear and low-energy infrared and radio portions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

This pioneering work was written by Dr. Philip S. Callahan, an internationally famous entomologist and ornithologist, who has been responsible for breakthrough discoveries in both areas. His research involved the utilization of nonlinear far infrared radiation by biological systems and its applications to insect control and medicine. He has developed theories of insect communication based on the waveguide characteristics of insect spines and has postulated that such spines are thermoelectret-coated dielectric waveguide aerials with the ability to receive short wavelength IR and microwave frequencies. His work in biophysics might best be called studies in insect molecular bioelectronics.

430017:  Exploring the Spectrum ... $16.00

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