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Exotic Research Collection

Exotic Research BackIssues
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TESLA TECHNOLOGY! Advanced Energy Concepts and Devices, Magnetic Motors, Health Supplements, Alternative Medicine, and other previously SUPPRESSED information!

Tesla Photo Tesla Inspired! Exotic Research championed and nurtured advanced concepts and products in science and technology. These emerging technologies are in constant danger of being overlooked or suppressed by what Nikola Tesla referred to as the “organized opposition” — a loose coalition of intellectual and economic forces. These publications provided independent inventors and researchers with a credible platform to introduce new, advanced concepts, inventions and discoveries to the world-- many of which originated with Tesla at the turn of the 20th century. Although Exotic Research is no longer with us, much of the information contained in these magazines is still just as valuable.

An invaluable resource to keep abreast of leading edge research, the Exotic Research Report featured a broad spectrum of cutting edge topics. Information provided through the magazine articles gave its members alternative viewpoints that could be applied to their daily lives... and in some cases, may be life saving.

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Exotic Research Report

100105: V2N1:Jan/Feb/Mar 1998 - 8.95*
100106: V2N2:Apr/May/June 1998 - 8.95*
100107: V2N3:Jul/Aug/Sep 1998 - 8.95*
100108: V2N4:Oct/Nov/Dec 1998 - 8.95*
100109: V3N1:Jan/Feb/Mar 1999 - 8.95*
100110: V3N2:Apr/May/June 1999 - 8.95*
100111: V3N3:Jul/Aug/Sep 1999 - 8.95*

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Exotic Research Collection

Get all 7 remaining issues (listed above)of Exotic Research Report, a highly collectible magazine which is no longer being published.
100112: Exotic Research Collection - $49.95!*

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  • Power and resonance (Tesla Technology)
  • Low temperature plasma (GEET Technology)
  • Electrogravitation (Brown/Hamel Technology)
  • Electrified water (Brown's Gas Technology)
  • Magnetic healing (Biomagnetic Technology)
  • Electromedicine (Rife/Bare Technology)
  • New Food and Health Supplements

    What is an issue worth? Immeasurable...
    due to the everchanging face of today's uncertain world. The well-referenced articles in past issues of the Exotic Research Report contain detailed information... and plans for a variety of devices, such as...
    • a low cost colloidal silver generator...
      a valuable device in face of a potential terrorist biological attack!

    • the mystical small engine GEET ...
      convert your lawnmower into a multi-fuel, nonpolluting workhorse!

    • a working ion propulsion model...
      great for demonstrating the principles of ionic propulsion!

    Only seven issues of this magazine remain. Volume 1 was completely SOLD OUT!

    Supplies are limited.... Order the entire collection TODAY to insure that you won't miss out on these rare magazines.

    2001 Conference Logo
    2001 Exotic Research Conference
    Videotapes Available

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    Some people believe this information should be suppressed...
    Exotic Research believed it should be public knowledge!!!!!!

    Historically, new technologies and products have been conceptualized and implemented by independent inventors and researchers. As such they do not have access to traditional methods of introducing their inventions and discoveries to the public, academia, and corporate world. This is particularly unfortunate when the invention is a viable technology with working prototypes. Exotic Research provided them with a credible platform for introducing these new, advanced concepts through our conferences.

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