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600401 - Gerard Judd, PhD - Perfect Teeth... From Birth to Death!
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Applied chemical knowledge can define and solve many of today’s problems that are created due to ignorance of the chemistry involved. Using a chemical analysis approach in his research into tooth decay, Dr. Judd has discovered how everyone could end all tooth cavities and gum infection throughout their entire life. You will be surprised at the simplicity of his almost costless procedures which are beyond dentists, doctors, and other health professionals. You can become an expert on teeth by listening to his lecture, following his suggestions, and reading his handbook. Almost all aspects of tooth deterioration and recovery are covered in the book. Part of this truth is how to avoid dentistry and don’t believe that the “authorities” always act in YOUR best interests! In fact, their many of their procedures are causing more damage than good. It is time for a change. A society armed with this knowledge, coupled with diligent use of it, would destroy dentistry in its present form and usher in a new era of real prevention with the objective of having perfect teeth.

600403 - Elinor Gibbs - Neurological Modulated Transmission Systems
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Our neurologic transmission system for self-modulating our behavior, exists in the muscles of our bodies. The muscle spindles are described and explained relative to how their emotional modulating functioning may relate to bipolar, attention/learning, depression and autism disorder. How to know, develop the awareness and understand the process of "Synaptic Self Regulation” (SSR) will be presented. A system of silver impregnated cloth designed as Neuro-K Cranial/Dermatome Power Patterns demonstrate utilization of the SSR principles. Silver is a neurological encoder. The Neuro K Power Pattern may create an activating response on the skin’s dermatome sensory receptors for establishing new feedback regulation on the muscle spindles’ serotonin and nonadrenalin neuromodulators. This may develop a new equilibrium balance for bipolar, attention/learning, depression, autism and many neuromuscular disorders. An exercise program will integrate the somatosensory feedback into a feedforward movement process. Psychiatric, psychological, behavioral and therapeutic intervention will be needed.

Innovative Energy Solutions
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600404 - Ron McElroy - Getting the Most Out of Your Car
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Right now, many of us would have a major financial catastrophe on our hands if our car needed repairs... or failed tightened emission standards. Now, more than ever, proper car maintenance is playing an active role in helping households live within their budget while protecting what may be the largest investment they have ever made... their car.

Liquid Ring has helped thousands of vehicles reduce emissions, increase power and performance, regain lost compression, and increase fuel economy! Liquid Ring contains properties found in no other engine treatments and actually reduces emissions at the source, inside the chamber. This new anti-smog engine treatment can help the car PASS those stiffened EPA requirements, and give it a longer “street legal” life without an overhaul! Researched and created for use in all gas/diesel powered internal combustion engines, Liquid Ring™ starts giving its invaluable assistance within minutes after application. It shows “positive proof” within 200 miles of driving by any motorist noting “before” and “after” gas mileage. The first application will eliminate the “blue smoke” indicating the need for a ring job... and its lubrication qualities drastically reduces wear and further damage. In short, regular use of Liquid Ring can save a car owner thousands of dollars in repairs, overhauls, and fuel, while extending the life of the engine dry starts where up to 80% of engine wear occurs. Other new excitng products we have obtained will be introduced. Regular use of these product lines will help you increase mileage and save money... a winning combination.

600405 - Russ Rasnic - All Sparkplugs Are NOT Created Equal!
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The spark plug for an internal combustion engine has remained virtually unchanged in design since the early part of the last century. Design improvements by most plug manufacturers have consisted of larger gaps, longer reach center electrodes, multiple electrodes, and precious metal electrodes... all geared to improve the life of the plug and increase the fuel burning efficiency. However, none were successful in addressing and correcting the cause of inefficient ignition. The patented Halo design however, is completely new technology that actually makes the plug a precise component that is an integral part of the combustion system. This presentation will discuss basic combustion fundamentals and how the spark plug affects each of these parameters. Test data relating to performance of the Halo™ spark plug in the areas of burn speed, emissions reduction and fuel consumption will be presented. With gas at $2 per gallon and rising...its worth seeing!

600407 - Paul Pantone - GEET Technology... Future Begins TODAY!!
VHS 2001 Conference Tape ......... $ 19.95*
In simple definition, the GEET Fuel Processor could be called a new type of carburetor with a miniature refinery built in. The GEET Fuel Processor is a self-inducing plasma generator. The exhaust heat is transferred to the incoming fuel, which is in a vacuum, and the overall configuration provides a molecular breakdown of all of the heavier elements. Intensifying the vacuum, magnifies the speed of molecular reaction. In practical terms, the GEET Fuel Processor is not just a fuel delivery system it is also a pollution elimination unit! The oxygen output jumps to 21% (normally 3%) on a 10HP engine with CO and CO2 eliminated! With GEET, there is no need for catalytic converters, smog pumps and other costly items on cars AND your mileage will be greatly increased if you are truly consuming ALL of the available energy, from whatever fuel you may be using. Best of all, if you work on motors, you can build it yourself!

Many scientists and engineers refuse to believe on the basis that it would violate what they believe they were taught concerning thermodynamics in school. However, a close reading of a good college level thermodynamics textbook will reveal...
In plasma states the electrical and magnetic work modes might be important, and idealization that the substance is a simple substance might no longer be realistic. [Engineering Thermodynamics, W.C. Reynolds and H.C. Perkins, 1977]
In other words, plasma research is relatively new and its physics are not really understood yet and physical laws are waiting to be discovered...

Energy Medicine
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600409 - Art Martin - The Body/Mind Harmonizer
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The physical body matches itself to the stress level of its environment. As a result the body will resonant with the most dominant surrounding frequency. The Body/Mind Harmonizer is a high frequency bio-electrical field generator running at 9.216 MHz. The coil-antennae inside of it produces a pulsed scalar wave field. The Harmonizer counteracts the stress in its immediate vicinity, allowing the body to operate at the earth resonance –the most effective frequency to allow the endocrine system to balance and regenerate itself. It accelerates healing at the cellular level, balances the Endocrine system, supports the Immune system, rebuilds bone structure and heals cuts and lesions at about ten times faster than normal. It seems to balance the electrical function in the body which can balance the body frequency and maintain it at the earth resonance. All electrical aspects of the body including blood pressure and neurological function appear to be balanced when the device is carried on the body.

600410 - Alex DePena - Vortronics: Vortex Water Treatment
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Vortronics introduces a new technology for water treatment that mimics nature’s own methods to produce cleaner, softer, better tasting water without using chemicals, complex metal alloys, salts or electricity for a truly maintenance free total-treatment water conditioning system. It softens the water and leaves in all the healthful minerals standard water softeners and reverse osmosis systems remove. It removes sediment, suspended particles, iron, sulfur and other dissolved solids without the use of a pre-filter. The Vortronics process uses the dynamic, chemical and electrochemical characteristics of water to create a “fluid machine” which works at a molecular level. The unit alters the molecular structure of both the water and the minerals in the water. The altered minerals no longer act to ‘harden’ the water. This is an excellent device if you desire cleaner, softer, better tasting, vital, activated water for you and your family.

Tesla Technology
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600411 - Hal Fox - New Energy Devices That Will Change the World!
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After twelve years of searching the world for new-energy devices that have a strong commercial potential, four have been identified. These four new energy devices will be discussed:
  1. High-density charge cluster technology which was first discovered by Kenneth Shoulders (USA) and later independently found by three other scientists.
  2. Blacklight Power... Dr. Randell Mills discovery of collapsing the hydrogen atom below its ground state.
  3. The Koldamasov Device from Russia that vibrates a mix of light and heavy water through a special dielectric material to produce more thermal energy than used to power the oscillator.
  4. The MEG Device, a solid state (magnetic and inductive) device by Tom Bearden, et al., that is reported to produce five times as much energy out as input energy.
The source of the excess energy is cited or defined as being from:
  • zero-point energy
  • - MEG Device, high density charge clusters
  • chemical energy
  • - Blacklight Power
  • benign nuclear reactions
  • - Koldamasov Device
Impossible? Not hardly... these devices only defy traditional, conventional thinking which cannot fathom why such devices are possible, and exist today. This is a great tech briefing for alternative energy researchers who want the latest developments!

600412 - Andreas Kurt Richtor - GEET Technology... See It.. Believe It!
VHS 2001 Conference Tape ......... $ 19.95*
By now, members of Exotic Research should be familiar with Paul Pantone’s controversial invention... the GEET device. This unique carburetion system utilizes the engine’s heat and vacuum to create a self-generating plasma... a feat some scientists claim cannot be done at the temperatures involved. However, plasma research is a fairly new field of science with most of the available texts on this subject are from foreign countries. Due to the possible conflicts with existing understanding of physics, this newly patented technology has met with stiff resistance in the academic world. Critical to scientific understanding is testing. Dr. Andreas Kurt Richter visited Paul Pantone’s home in 1995. During that period, he performed a variety of test procedures on the device. He will reveal the results of his tests, as well as his basic understanding of the phenomenon. Furthermore, Dr. Richter will discuss some tests for the future such as x-rays showing the atomic reaction.

600413 - Doug Konzen - Advanced Electric Pulse Motor Research
VHS 2001 Conference Tape ......... $ 19.95*
This is an over-unity motor!
One motor takes in .63 watts DC and lights up two one watt AC light bulbs. That’s all you need to know to see that this motor puts out more watts than what takes to run it: Under a watt DC to run it; two watts AC output. Last year, Doug demonstrated a new type of electric motor/alternator designed 10 times more efficient than a conventional electric motor from the alone. This year he has come to the realization that some aspects of his motors can be found in the EV Gray motor. Many believe that ZPE is involved, and it needs a medium such as a battery to interface with conventional circuits. It makes sense in that the Bedini, Konzen, EV Gray, and Kipper motors all need batteries. Doug will have plenty of motors to demonstrate as well as kits and motors for sale. He is making great progress on the pulse-motor—recent tests in El Paso, TX verified that it is an over unity device!

600414 - Bruce Perreault - Converting Cosmic Rays to Electric Energy!
VHS 2001 Conference Tape ......... $ 19.95*
The Earth is surrounded in a sea of cosmic energy. Its radiation can be detected at microwave radio frequencies by Earth-based radio telescopes. Can a device be built that can transform this high frequency energy into usable power? I believe that T. H. Moray did build such a device. This has inspired me to build my own devices. The Radiant Energy Power Generator is not a perpetual motion device, it siphons electrons (electricity) from any of a number of sources and converts them into usable power in a truly unique way. However, there is public and private resistance to overcome before this technology can be implemented. One of the major obstacles is that there are many facets to this research that have not been understood or well researched. Mr. Perreault intends on presenting a complete disclosure at the July 2001 conference. Hands-on demonstrations.... Your test equipment is invited too! All will be revealed for your inspection. Products will also be made available.

21st Century Technology
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600415 - Jim Cox - The Gravito-Inertial Lift System
VHS 2001 Conference Tape ......... $ 19.95*
The Gravito-Inertial Lift System (GILS) is based Norman L. Dean who claimed a device for “producing thrust in any direction” as stated in his 1959 patent. The basic principle is non-simultaneity of action and reaction in a rotating unbalanced inertia rotor. Advanced mechanical controls developed by Jim permit selective “clipping off” of the forces produced during rotation of the orbiting masses. The thrust (amazingly high—about 40-50 pounds lift per HP) is generated only vertically against the gravitational field, but vectoring the system off from the vertical can produce lateral thrust. A fully enclosed “black box” system generates lift with no exhaust or flow stream, and with little or no noise. GILS runs on gasoline or electricity from a fuel cell with high lift-to-power ratio some 5 times larger than a helicopter. It has a broad spectrum of applications in the transportation area.

600416 - Chuck Parker - Electrical Assist Chem Rocket Propulsion
VHS 2001 Conference Tape ......... $ 19.95*
Tesla’s early efforts and that of other inventors have laid the groundwork for development of the last frontier... SPACE! Since the first days of modern rocketry the development of rocket propulsion systems has been in two thrusts. The first is toward continued refinement of chemical propulsion systems and the other toward the more exotic (i.e. Nuclear Fission, Plasma, Ion, Magnetoplasmadynamic, and others). However, the performance of chemical propulsion systems are limited by their propellant’s specific impulse (which is a relative measurement of rocket propellant’s performance). Current exotic systems are not of immediate importance due to operational limitations.This lecture explores a hybrid of the electrically driven systems and the conventional liquid propellant systems. The development of these hybrid systems is simple, and could have an immediate, powerful impact on the commercialization of space in the near future.

600417 - Brian O’Leary - Re-Inheriting Earth: New Millennium Solns!
VHS 2001 Conference Tape ......... $ 19.95*
The Apollo Program for the 21st Century...
As the new millennium dawns, hope exists for us and for reversing the human-caused pollution of the Earth. The changes and adventure will be exciting and challenging for us, yet time is running out. I believe solutions are there, and can be enhanced if we transcend our denial of emerging truths based on suppressed experiments in new science, new energy, healing, consciousness, hemp production and evidence for contact with nonhuman intelligence and our eternal being. I believe we have the potential to make the needed changes, but we are going to have to let go of many worn-out, vested interests and begin to empower ourselves toward solutions. We in America inherit a revolutionary tradition of freedom, one which is threatened by environmental neglect. Do we have the will to join in community to create a mega-Apollo project for the environment?

600420 - Brian O’Leary - Re-Inheriting the Earth Workshop!
VHS 2001 Conference Tape ......... $ 19.95*
Time Is Running Out! In the lecture, the problem with the pollution of the Earth pollution of the Earth and the need to create a sustainable future so that our children may once again inherit the Earth was outlined, Using the Apollo Moon program as an example of a crowning human achievement, I put forth the challenge to create a mega-Apollo project for the environment! This new project could spin off many others, such as world peace, abundant food, and the opportunity to evolve to higher states of being as citizens of the universe. Decisive social action is needed and this panel discussion is a glimpse at what it will take to bring about this program. It is time to consider and debate all reasonable solutions. Most of all, we need not be afraid to feel our feelings, to grieve the past and then to look at transcendent solutions.

600421 - Sonne Ward - Implosion Theory and Applications Workshop
VHS 2001 Conference Tape ......... $ 19.95*
All of the applications and inventions that Sonne Ward is working on use Implosion technology. His Starship Module Home is totally solar and captivates cosmic energies beyond our visible light spectrum. Implosion circuits increases the power output of the home’s electric panels. It has no conventional heating, cooling, refrigeration or air conditioning. Sonne’s implosion machine evaporates objects in a black hole. This device is used in his home as waste disposal unit. He also has an N-machine for generating electricity. From this he invented LP-10, a food supplement product he calls “bottled youth”! Sonne will explain and demonstrate a broad spectrum of his active inventions and projects Some aren’t even listed here!

600422 - Clifford Smith - Introducing the Solar Turtle Workshop
VHS 2001 Conference Tape ......... $ 19.95*
The remarkable ‘new’ mobile energy source and water purification and treatment system!

Two of the most critical problems a person living an independent lifestyle faces is energy and water. The Solar Turtle, a mobile solar power supply and water purification system addresses these issues and at the same time has a high degree of portability. The Turtle is mounted on a luggage style trailer and can be towed by any motor vehicle. The unit can deliver up to 1200 watts AC power and 720 watts DC a power supply for external use, or internally to pump and purify water. The Solar Turtle’s water purification system can purify stream and lake water for human consumption as it is effective against an amazing number of contaminants. The design parameters were for a quiet and clean energy system with easy access maintenance. The “Turtle” has achieved this. These mobile units have both recreational and emergency applications.

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