Volume 3 Issue 2
Exotic Research Report
Apr/May/Jun 1999
Volume 3 Issue 2

100 MPG...

Table of Contents

  • From the Publisher's Desk
  • Trust Me... The Independent Inventor's Dilemna!
  • The Ultimate Engine Treatment.. War on Pollution
  • Thermal Catalytic Cracking... Vital Key to 100 mpg
  • Backyard Plasma Technology.. GenSets Convert to GEET
  • Conference On Future Energy (COFE)
  • 1999 Phoenix Exotic Research Conference Speaker List
  • Magnetic Vortex Machine... and Updates from the "Web"!
  • The Skeptics Corner. Convince me to invest in Joe Newman
  • Electromagnetic Pollution
  • Crop Circles... Parts of the Enigma Solved?
  • Backyard Sky... UFO Photography
  • Terrestrial Night Light
  • Spiritual Healing.... with Natural Science
  • Atomic Iodine
  • MSM Miracle