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SCAM ALERT! GMC Holding Corp Misrepresents Magnetic Motor
December 22, 2004 -- TeslaTech, Inc. Press Release
Since 15 November 2005, GMC Holding Corp (elsewhere referred to as GMC) has claimed that they had a "self-running" magnetic motor. Notable alternative energy researchers were led to believe that they would be allowed to test the motor in the near future. However there was constant delays and impediments on GMC's behalf, which included demands for driver's licenses due to GMC's alleged security concerns. This led to a cancellation by the researchers who wasted a lot of time and money putting together a test plan and collecting the necessary test equipment.

In the interim and until today, GMC continued to encourage "investors" with $10K or more to go to Florida and check out the motor. At one YaHoo Group (Free-Energy), group members were constantly reassured that anonymous, qualified experts were having positive results. At one point, a GMC principle encouraged members to take a gamble. The following email exemplifies it succintly:
Dear David: What you have missed from my response is we have been demonstrating the motor to some very good groups, We have not delayed in showing the motors to any group. We have had numerous individuals in here to view what we have. We have it. It really gets me going to listen to all these so called experts who have never invented anything postulate on everything from soup to nuts. I grew up with the Harvard and MIT boys and I was not really impressed. They were impressed with themselves. Don't fall prey to that thinking. We got it. If this sounds harsh I apologize. I have been a gambling man all my life and I know that sounds absurb, but who out there wants to bet $10, 000 that they are right and we are not. I will deposit my money tomorrow in any escrow account of those willing to put up or shut up. Who out there has the big ones to take the chance. Richard. GMC Holding.
As of today, I have been informed by a reliable source that a principle within GMC has admitted that the GMC machine has never self-run. Furthermore, all of the claims of super efficiency are based on incremental gains. They extrapolated that these gains will overcome all of the energy lossess at a some future energy point. In short, this is NOT a self-running device! .... Keep your hands on your wallet!

Once again, I would like to remind everyone that the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference will be in Salt Lake City (July 28-31). Those interested in presenting at the 2005 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference should also contact Steve Elswick at (520) 463-1994. We are trying to have our speaker slots filled by January 15, so please be prompt. As soon as our speaker list is finalized, we will post it here first!

ExtraOrdinary Technology Jan/Feb/Mar 20005 Is In the Mail!
December 21, 2004 -- TeslaTech, Inc. Press Release
The current issue of ExtraOrdinary Technology Jan/Feb/Mar 20005 is in the mail. A table of contents be found in the magazine preview area! If you do NOT have your magazine by Jan 15, 2005, please contact Steve Elswick at (520) 463-1994 or steve@teslatech.info immediately.

Once again, we will be cohosting this event with the INE in Salt Lake City (July 28-31). I would like to also remind those interested in presenting at the 2005 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference should also contact Steve Elswick at (520) 463-1994. We are trying to have our speaker slots filled by January 15, so please be prompt. As soon as our speaker list is finalized, we will post it here first!

Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity Is Back In Print!
November 29, 2004 -- TeslaTech, Inc. Press Release
The book Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity by Peter Lindemann, DSc, is at the printers and is due out December 15, 2004! The book has been slighty revised with corrections, and another appendix has been added. Order today to reserve a copy of the second edition of Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity from this initial press run! The companion video Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity Video (VHS) is also highly recommended. JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS! For more info contact Steve Elswick at (520) 463-1994 or steve@teslatech.info immediately.

CONFERENCE REPORT- 2004 Energy Advancement Leadership Conference
November 23, 2004 -- TeslaTech, Inc. Press Release
The 2004 Energy Advancement Conference was held in Houston, TX (Nov 17-18). Sponsored by the University of Houston, this was strictly a mainstream conference. In many ways, my attendance there was like Daniel stepping into the Lion's Den. But from an alternative researcher's perspective, it was a very informative and productive meeting. In addition to handing some real alternative energy material out to people heavily involved in the energy industry, we had the opportunity to determine the status quo of the industry, and their outlook of the future. It was very informative... and very sobering!

As I expected, there were no earth-shattering technologies presented. Hydrogen was a major star at the show. Its popularity is due to the fact that an infrastructure (similar to that currently required by petroleum) is necessary, thus a changeover would essentially maintain the status quo as far as economics are concerned. Other technologies briefly touched upon were wind, solar, biofuels. It was a big disappointment that much of the material presented reflected technology that I had run across in the 1980s! I was shocked to find that even with the "conventional" technologies we cover, they were a good 1-2 years behind us. For instance in our upcoming issue, we are featuring a new type of windmill suited for cities, and geared to be integrated with independent solar systems. They were stuck on the traditional grid-based propeller windmills spread across the coutnryside, endangering wildlife and spoiling the view. The only really advanced technology was plasma-assisted reformation of fuels (eerily similar to GEET technology). But even this was a poster presentation.

Where the conference totally held my attention was their outlook for the future! Houston almost died on the vine when oil plummetted below $20 a barrel in the late '80s. So it is not without reason that the oil industry is ecstatic at $50 a barrel. It was made quite clear to me that there is no desire in the industry to see oil drop below $40 a barrel. Au contraire, there was actually discussion of the price moving to $90 a barrel!!! and higher! China and India loom as HUGE oil consumers as their auto industries take off! (and I should make a note that the potential auto market is much greater than that of the US!) Furthermore, turmoil in nearly every major oil producing region of the world has led to a further tightniong of supplies. Despite this, don't expect the oil companies to promote policies that encourage conservation.

The final shocker was the acknowledgement that global warming IS a real phenomena! The timeline may not be as abrupt as outlined in "The Day After", but climate change IS on the way. Polar melting is accelerating far beyond previous predictions. We can expect rising sea level, and more severe weather. These changes are expected to occur gradually at a pace with which modern technology can deal with them. Although at first glance the changes appear to be small and incremental, they will ultimately affect a number of different aspects of life including where we live!

Global warming... severe energy shortages... climate changes.... it appears that us "Conspiracy buffs" may not be that far off our rockers. There are several critical difference between the presentations at this mainstream conference and those at an ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference. An ExtraOrdinary Technology researcher thinks outside of the traditional "box" which mainstream science embraces. In order to discover a new technology, one must risk failure and venture into the realm of "impossible". Risk aversion is endemic in the typical government/corporate scientist, and is enhanced by the presence of ill-informed bureaucrats. All of their efforts are geared to maintaining the status quo. On the other hand, the ExtraOrdinary Technology researcher is dedicated to turning the status quo on its edge!

You can help by being knowledgeable about the various technologies being explored that defy orthodox science. In some cases, the research is advanced enough that experimental plans or prototypes are available. You can learn more about these advanced technologies by becoming an ExtraOrdinary Technology member. You will receive our magazine "ExtraOrdinary Technology", discounts on mail order research materials, and reegistrations to our annual conferences!! The mainstream sees problems... we seek solutions!__SRE

(Offer expires December 15, 2004)

November 11, 2004 -- TeslaTech, Inc. Press Release
Miss the 2004 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference in Salt Lake City? Don't despair... get a tape or DVD of your favorite speakers. This popular conference had 20 speakers (listed in sidebar) covering a wide variety of topics. The BEST BUY is the "Complete Conference Set of 20 DVDs/Videotapes"! Those ordering the "Complete Conference Set.." will receive 10% discount until December 15, 2004

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Order YOUR tapes today! They make great Chistmas presents. Members still receive their regular discount!

CALL FOR PAPERS- 2005 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference
November 11, 2004 -- TeslaTech, Inc. Press Release
The 2005 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference will be held July 28-31 in Salt Lake City, UT. Researchers and inventors interested in presenting a paper, demonstrating a device, exhibiting products, or otherwise supporting this conference should contact Steve Elswick at (520) 463-1994 or steve@teslatech.info immediately.

Subsidized speaking slots are limited with priority going to those who have WORKING HARDWARE! Suggested topics include Tesla technology, alternative energy, alternative medicine, new health products, extreme physics, and other extraordinary technologies! We had a GREAT conference in 2004... and 2005 should be even better!

ExtraOrdinary Technology
Conference Collection


Get all 20 videos (listed below) of the 2004 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference... priceless information!

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Collection Includes...
Brown's Gas Technology
Larry Oja
... Electrolytic Oxyhydrogen

Energy Medicine
Glen Gordon, MD
Exploring Limits of PEM Healing
Bruce Forrester, Jr
Building Multiple Wave Oscillator
Tony Cocilovo
Photon Stimulator

ZPE/Quantum Energy
Konstantin Meyl
Neutrino Power/Scalar Waves...
Thomas Valone, PhD
ZPE Extraction from QV...
Kiril Chukanov
Quantum Technologies

Innovative Energy
Bruce Perreault
Nu Energy Power Technologies
Alan Francoeur
PerMag Motors & Vapor Systems
Sonne Ward
Implosion Technology...

Alternative Energy
Moray King
Pulsed Plasma Anomolies
Robert Patterson
Vortex Mechanics ...
John Balfour
Community w/o Elelctric Bills

21st Century Technology
Dale Pond
The Keely Legacy: SVP
Dan Davidson
Shape Power ... Resonance
Hal Fox
Magnets and Space Energy

FootNote Speakers
Paul Pantone
GEET...Where We Are Today!
Vladimar Ginzburg
Relativistic Torus and Helix...
Thorsten Ludwig
German Space Power Comm...
Jan Marwan
Effect of Surface Species...

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Details to be announced later.
Papers due NLT November 30, 2004!

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