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Conference Program

Conference Program

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Thursday (Jul 26) | Friday (Jul 27) | Saturday (Jul 28) | Sunday (Jul 29)

This schedule is proactive and tentative. Therefore expect it to be changed and adjusted.
It is only to give attendees some guidance on what to expect. It will be updated regularly... however, TeslaTech reserves the right to make changes to this tentative schedule without notice.

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Thursday ·   July 26, 2012
Thursday (Jul 26) | Friday (Jul 27) | Saturday (Jul 28) | Sunday (Jul 29)

Morning/Afternoon: Registration Begins
Evening: Conference Begins

--- Conference Session 1 ---
An ExtraOrdinary Revelation
4:00pm: Foster and Kimberly Gamble - THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take?
5:00pm: The video... THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take?
7:30pm: Conference Evening Social

Friday · July 27, 2012
Thursday (Jul 26) | Friday (Jul 27) | Saturday (Jul 28) | Sunday (Jul 29)

--- Conference Session 2 ---
ExtraOrdinary Health Issues
8:00am: Joshua Parker - Decrypting Rife’s Disease Fighting Technology
9:30am: Norman Shealy - Tesla Regeneration Of Telomeres
11:00am: Kenneth Taylor - Bio-Resonance According to Paul Schmidt

--- Conference Session 3 ---
ExtraOrdinary Energy Technology
1:00pm: Moray King - - Cavitating Electrolyzers: The Key to “Over Unity”
2:30pm: Robert Rohner - GyroKinetic Prime Mover
4:00pm: Bruce Perreault - Direct Electrical Power from the Utilization of Earth IONS

--- Conference Session 4 ---
7:00pm: Daniel Gonzales - GEET: New Horizons
8:00pm: Conference Evening Social

Saturday ·   July 28, 2012
Thursday (Jul 26) | Friday (Jul 27) | Saturday (Jul 28) | Sunday (Jul 29)

--- Conference Session 5 ---
Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
8:00am: Dan Davidson - On the Detection of Longitudinal/Scalar Waves
9:30am: Lucian M. Ionescu - Tesla waves, Biofields and Aetheric Energy
11am: Erik Larson - CymaScope and the Science of Sound

--- Conference Session 6 ---
ExtraOrdinary Energy Technology
1:00pm: Vendor Showcase
2:30pm: Dr. Konstantin Meyl - TESLATEC or DESERTEC?
4:00pm: Chuck Reithmeyer - Practical Rodin Coil Generator Application

--- Conference Session 7 ---
7:00pm: Marko Rodin - Unleashing the Rodin Solution
8:00pm: Conference Evening Social

Sunday ·   July 29, 2012
Thursday (Jul 26) | Friday (Jul 27) | Saturday (Jul 28) | Sunday (Jul 29)

--- Conference Session 8 ---
ExtraOrdinary Challenges
8:00am: Harvey Fiala - Inertial Propulsion Breakthrough
9:30am: Suzanne Price - Qualar Physics: Wave of the Future
11:00am: Sterling Allan - Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies

TeslaTech, Inc reserves the right
to make changes to this tentative schedule without notice.

Alt Energy
Practical Home Metallurgy
John Milewski
1PM - Thur - Jul 26

Learn how to assay, cupel, melt and smelt your precious metals in a microwave oven at home. Any600 to 900 watt kitchen microwave will do to illustrate melting and casting metals in a microwave. The gold process takes three to four iterations. The melting is impressive and one can see that the temperatures to get the gold processing going is easily achievable.

We will demonstrate each process and reveal what type of processing units are required to perform each type of metal processing. Attendees will observe melting of gold dust into buttons, as well as up grading placer gold and old jewelry to 95 % plus. In addition, you will learn how to assay and cupel your gold and silver ores sample in a low cost kitchen microwave.

All equipment, chemicals and hardware needed will be available for detailed inspection and sales.

Cost not included in Conference Registration

<Alt Energy
GEET Seminar
Daniel Gonzales
1PM - Sun - Jul 29

The first working prototype was developed long before the technical analysis was attempted. Plasma research is a fairly new field of acceptable science. The technology used in the GEET Fuel Processor is a combination of the most basic scientific principles, most of which falls within the normal rules and of thermodynamics. But some of the 70 simultaneous phenomenon are not found in those books, since it is the combination of events, which is the body of this discovery. Put quite simply, the exhaust heat is transferred to the incoming fuel vapor, which must be maintained in a vacuum, and the overall configuration provides a molecular breakdown within the vacuum of all of the heavier elements. Therefore, intensifying the vacuum, the speed of molecular breakdown or reaction is magnified, and less heat is required.

High gas prices and high pollution levels are a modern plague... and GEET is the solution. Engines running on GEET technology have consistently shown tremendous reductions in emissions. Early efforts for this groundbreaking experimental technology centered on small engines. Now, plans are even available for automobiles

Cost not included in Conference Registration

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