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If you have a problem, or would like to place the order telephonically, please call CUSTOMER SERVICE: (520) 463-1994

ExtraOrdianry Technology Conference Registration
Includes all presentations/demonstrations in main conference hall from Thursday evening till Sunday noon (approximately 16 speakers) and all three Meet & Eat Socials (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.)

Number Attend Type of Registration Price
Member/Nonmember Basic Registration Fees $249.95

Spouse Basic Registration Fees $199.95

Minor Student (Under 21) Basic Registration Fees $169.95

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No discounts on memberships.

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Pre-Registration Discount Rates
  • 30% - members registered before Feb 15
  • 25% - members registered before Apr 1
  • 20% - members registered before May 1
  • 15% - members registered before Jun 1
  • 10% - members registered before Jul 1

    Conference Notes
  • Videotapes. Professional quality video tapes will be available after the conference at a reasonable price. Private taping is not allowed. Conference fees do not include tapes.

  • Spouse rates/student rates available to immediate family accompanied by members Students must prove age.

  • Individual Sessions... Individual session rates will be available at the door only. Individual sessions will total at least $280.00 if each was purchased separately.

  • Ordering Instructions:
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