onBlur="self.focus();" ============================================================== Script: Amazing Frameless Popup Window - Version I Functions: In IE4 and later, this script launches a popup window without the Windows frame or titlebar (that is, a "containerless" window). In other browsers, it launches a standard popup window. Position, width, and height are settable. Automatic closing of the window on leaving the page may also be optionally set. Browsers: IE4 and later Degrades fully functionally in other browsers Author: etLux ============================================================== STEP 1. Inserting the in the head section of your launching page. Set the variables as indicated in the script. ============================================================== STEP 2. Triggering the popup window Call the openFrameless function from a link, like this: click here ============================================================== STEP 3. Conditioning the page that goes in the popup window Add the following call to the tag of the page that will open in the popup *if* your popup does not come to the front after it loads. This is occasionally needed in early versions of IE4, and with certain types of page content that manipulate focus. If in doubt, put it in -- it can't hurt. ============================================================== ADDENDUM 2/22/2001 Making the Frameless Popup Center on the Screen Automatically We've had numerous requests for this, and a minor modification of the script can do it. Here's how... Comment out the two lines as shown, and add the two shown below them. // set the screen position where the popup should appear //var windowX = 260 // from left //var windowY = 100 // from top var windowX = (screen.width/2)-(windowW/2); var windowY = (screen.height/2)-(windowH/2); ==============================================================